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BS REPORT: Sony will charge $2.99 for 4 hours to play one game, but $4.99 for game library for a month isn't value? I call BS!

When EA Access was announced yesterday my initial thought was "Ok great, yet another subscription I am being asked to pay for."  I quickly realized that was a silly impulse reaction for one major reason.  EA Access is $5/month or $30/year.  I spend more than that in 1 hour when I have a night out at the bar with my brothers.  It is not a lot of money.  Furthermore--I am not being forced to pay for it.  I do note have to buy the service as it is completely optional in every single way.  So, when I see statements such as the one Sony released yesterday saying:
Sorry, but I am going to call bullshit.  I do not know the inner workings of Sony, but I can guarantee you that the reason for Sony not having EA Access is not what they stated above (which was captured from GameInformer.Com).  There is more to this story and Sony are absolutely not divulging the whole story.  I would expect EA to come out and mention something in the near future.
Want to know why what they said is complete bullshit?  Here.  In one picture I can sum it up.
Sony will charge $2.99 to play ONE game for four hours, but charging $4.99 for a library of games for a month is not value?  Sony, you are FULL OF SHIT!
How on earth does Sony have the nerve to actually say that EA Access doesn't represent good value to the PlayStation Gamer?  That is absurd.  Not only that, but they made the decision for the PlayStation Gamer.  In this day and age I think we can all agree it is best to let the consumer decide.  Here is the best sentiment I have found:

Is Sony in the business of provided value?  Or are they in the business of providing access to online games? I can give you 5 reasons why Sony is completely full of shit right now with what they are saying and why they may have passed on EA Access.
  1. This is the type of service that likely goes behind a paywall.  Sony doesn't want to have to come out and say they are putting something behind a paywall because that is a buzzword with their core fans that piss them off.
  2. With PSNow out they do not want people to spend $5 on something else.  They will try to push PSNow as the better value even though the EA Access is providing new games and PSNow is from a back cataloge.
  3. Sony and EA are obviously not on the greatest of terms.  Sony had every intention of following Microsoft on the DRM stuff last year, but then backed out to save face and appear as the company who is for the gamers. Pretty sure EA didn't appreciate that move.
  4. Scared and/or cannot afford to have their customers give $5/mo or $30/year to someone else.  Sony want to take the biggest chunk of cash for anything on their console and if they allow EA Access to be on their console EA would be making the most money from it.
  5. Why would this be a bad value?  If people do not want it then they  just do not buy it and they lose absolutely nothing.  Sony are telling their fans that they are too stupid to make that decision for themselves.
I could probably list 100 more yet, but those are the most obvious ones.  There is a real reason why EA Access is not on the Playstation 4 right now.  There is also a reason why it was touted as Exclusive to Xbox One when it was announced too.  Microsoft and EA are on very good terms from all indications.  Sony and EA are not.  My reasons were more or less speculation, but I have a feeling that I am not too far off from the truth.

This whole notion that they are keeping the service off of Playstation 4 because it is not the value their customers have come to expect is absolute bullshit.  Proven by the massive uproar from people saying that they would love to have this service on their PS4.  Lets take a look at a few comments people have made.

Is Sony going to let their free games come up on PSPlus?  That makes no sense!  Either he is talking about the back catalog of game or he is talking about the free 4-5 days advance that people get to play all the latest games.  Either way it makes no sense.  If Sony are going to provide games for free on PSPlus they are going to have to pay for them.  They are going to have to give EA some amount of money to provide their game for free.  Sony would be completely stupid to do that unless they have some special agreement, which I doubt, with EA at the moment that no one knows about.

No matter what AustinB is saying Sony would end up paying money to EA which is completely silly.  The second part of what he said seems to make more sense.  The part about not wanting EA muscling in on their turf.  He is absolutely right in saying that Sony should have let people decide for themselves. 

I do not care which way you look at it.  Sony may have their own reason for not having EA Access on the Playstation 4, but I will say will a high degree of confidence that the reason they gave BULLSHIT.

UPDATE:  I guess this article garnered a lot of attention through different places like Twitter and Facebook.  Thank you all so much for you interest and everyone who shared my article thank you so much!

It was brought to my attention that a video was made directly sourcing my site.  It is only fair that since you chose to link to me that I am more than happy to share your video with everyone in this community.  Thank you so much NXTGen720!

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