Tuesday, July 15, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: MisterXmedia Carnival of leaks from October 4th, 2012. MisterXmedia leaks that CliffyB is working 130% on next Xbox Games!

I had to post this one out of order because it is so fantastic and timely.  Remember way back in October of 2012 when Cliff Bleszinki was "retired" from the gaming industry?  Did you know that he was actually working secretly on an Xbox One game? At least that is what MisterXmedia said at the time!  Take a look!  Enjoy!

Insider Daily. MS solved their 22nm problems. Next Xbox is going full cylinders to release date.
Insider: Cliffy b ... Is going to be the head man at ms e3 2013 is going to be the biggest day in video game history.   ms has over 30 studios making games the best of the best. Phil is genius ;)    ps3 slim is a money grab at wii u.. 720 a true next gen console as ms gave sorted fab now. Perfect cpu's gpu's 22nm  now.  ms will also be standing by 360 till 2018 offical x enigne lives.  720 is mind blowing got to see and sample final hardware 22nm hardware 8gig of ram its a power house full 64bit x86 cpu cores. Big jump its 100% better then dev kit. Production starts next month ;) late may e3 could release like xbox/s

Cliffy B was not the head man at E3 2013.  Pretty sure he was not even on stage for Microsoft or anyone.  You were wrong.  E3 2013 was also not even close to the biggest day in gaming history by any stretch.  Both consoles were announced prior.  Suffice it to say that, yet again, you are wrong and full of crap.

In terms of system specs you've claimed other numbers were final more than once already so I am just going to consider this one getting lucky.  You've reported 12GB RAM before and even 4GB of RAM before.  The x86 cores were long rumored and you are just repeating the general consensus that the next console will be PC based architecture here.  The 22nm is a common size.  You get absolutely zero credit for anything you've confirmed/leaked here.
Misterxmedia: WOW, just wow. I knew Cliffy B left for MS side. Glad to hear about Phil and his achivements allready. Great news.

Insider: Dev kit is 22nm 20 will be final hardware  or 22 ether or is 25% better. These system will have big power overheads 400watt+ over heads..  people can say what they think massive jump "massive jump" sony wont have the most powerfull console next round. 720 is deffently 30% more powerfull thrn ps4. Ms have open the bank. Cliffy b. And others are working 130% on system games. There is x devs from nintendo/sony first party working on games ms has hired the whos who of developers. 30 lunch game window.  but every thing is tied down but there is a massive leak on the intetnet about to surface your going to be shocked. ;)

Neither console has anything even CLOSE to 400 watts of power consumption.

Sony DOES have the more powerful console.  Xbox One is NOT 30% more powerful than the PS4.

Cliff Bleszinki was not and is not working on a game for Microsoft as we established last week when he said Project Bluestreak was PC ONLY.
MIsterxmedia: i've been allready shocked by this. :)

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