Monday, June 2, 2014

Rated R: Why I find Facebook so disgusting!

All hypocrisy aside given the fact that I have Facebook and use it I am going to express what I find to be infuriating and disgusting about it anyway.  I do use Facebook daily.  I rarely post anything.  I rarely "Like" anything, but I do use it to keep up with family and some of the friends that I do give a damn about.  Beyond that I find the whole thing to be absolutely disgusting and for many reasons.  I only use it because that is what everyone is on and I am not a so egotistical that I will rail against family and friends for using the most popular social media site on the planet.  Ok, that being said--fuck Facebook.

Let me start with the whole "Like" thing since that is where the root of all the stupidity begins.  I have had it multiple times where people ask me if I have seen their most recent post to which I have replied "Yes, I have." To which I have gotten the reply "Oh, I wasn't sure you had since you didn't like it."  When it comes to social media this gets under my skin perhaps more than it actually should, but alas it makes my skin crawl.  Call it shallow, call it me being a jerk or whatever you want, but if you think you deserve a like for posting something on Facebook then I lose respect for you by default.  I am not saying me hitting "Like" is a sacred thing, but the fact that I've not "Like'd" something means absolutely nothing.  Just like me "Like'ing" something also means nothing.  It is silly, it is stupid and I hate it as much as anything else.  If you post something on a social media site fishing for "Like's" it says a hell of a lot more about you than it does about me.  It says I read your post or looked at your picture.  That is all it says about me.  If you feel let down by a lack of likes then that tells me you lack real self esteem for whatever reason.  OK, enough about the "Like" button.

How about the constant flow of lazy-ass people patting themselves on the back for doing everyday things which millions of other people just do because it needs to be done?  That is equally as annoying as the aforementioned "Like" crap.  So you woke up, cleaned your living room, fed children, got them dressed, on the bus and off to school all before you even changed out of your pajamas?  What a god damn hero you are!  Others might just call that being a parent.  The only difference is that millions of others just do it without creating a hashtag about it!  What the fuck is with the constant posting of everyday tasks looking for a pat on the back!?  Seriously.  Or how about people posting a slew of inspirational bullshit about how life is great and how to be healthy and then every Friday posting pictures of yourself drunk and eating pizza?  Does this healthy lifestyle take a break every weekend? The fucking hypocrisy in people is amazing to me!

Perhaps most pathetic of all is in horrible times.  When people pass away or have something tragic happen in their lives the amount of pathetic attention seeking whores that crawl out of the woodwork to offer their fake thoughts a prayers makes me sick.  Sitting your fat ass down and throwing out a public comment is just so easy and convenient!  It is easy to act supportive when you know people are going to be watching and you will not have to actually end up doing anything.  How about doing something personal for once.  Actually put in the effort.  Buy flowers, show up in person, make that phone call or even send a physical card!  It is just pathetic how so many people are willing to say something on Facebook because they don't actually have to do a fucking thing while still feeling good about themselves.  Facebook condolences, as someone who has gone through it, are fucking meaningless and I forgot about them before you closed your browser window.  If we are really friends and you really cared you would be a hell of a lot more motivated than to express your public sadness when you know people are watching and willing to pat you on the back.

Honestly I wish I didn't have to use Facebook.  I hate it.  It bugs me to no end and I hate the fact that all my friends use it because that means the only way I can keep up with them short of spending hours a week on the phone is to hop on Facebook.  I wish it wasn't that way, but in the context of that Facebook is great.  It is just all the other ridiculous bullshit that comes with it which I cannot stand and actually am disgusted with myself for participating in.


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