Monday, June 30, 2014

Misterxmedia claims NeoGAF is bias, but his own site is even worse!

I for a time actually enjoyed going to MisterXmedia's site.  Not for the outlandish predictions/leaks.  I always found those to be laughable.  I actually enjoyed going there and chatting about new games as such.  For that purpose it was a pretty chill place; provided you were able to ignore the likes of certain people who were apologetically fanboyish about the console.

One of the recurring themes over there is to hate on sites like N4G and NeoGAF for being a safe-haven of Sony fans.  To a degree they were right.  It does, on the surface, seem very much as though those sites are in the business of propping up Sony news a little more than Microsoft news.  Whatever though it is not as though that personally upset me.  I know where I can find news so that is where I generally go.  It honestly was not an issue to me.

The hate on NeoGAF and N4G was a regular thing though.  Comment after comment became about labeling sites to have a bias that went against Xbox One and Microsoft.  It became so common that articles ended up getting sometimes 1,000+ comments, but a large percentage of them were people just perpetuating this idea that the world was out to get them and the Xbox One.  It was around that time that I thought "Hey, this is pretty ridiculous.  Maybe I will just casually point out that it is not as bad as they are making it out to be."  I didn't know it at the time, but that was very much not cool in Misterxmedia-ville.  Despite being a semi-regular contributor on his site I was immediately branded a Sony troll and promptly banned from the site.  

No worries.  I guess I will just learn my lesson to not speak out against the current "circlejerk"  on the site.  I sent Misterxmedia a private message explaining that I was not there to cause trouble, but rather I just expressed the notion that I didn't think it was a bad as people were leading on.  I told him I would refrain from doing things like that and he agreed to unban me.  Sweet--I guess.  I really wish I had the screenshots of those messages he sent me, but they were essentially saying that his blog is only for like-minded people and that there is no place for dissent on his site.  If you want to be a part of it you need to be a hardcore Microsoft fan and only that will allow you to remain a member....


So let me get this straight.  You and your clan of members spend an excessive amount of time going off against sites like NeoGAF and N4G about being pro-Sony and yet you are the one that openly admits to me that you will only support comments that are 100% pro Microsoft and Anti-Sony.  Is that not the ultimate hypocrisy right there?   How do you get to sit and chastise NeoGAF while doing the exact same thing on your own blog?  That makes no sense to me at all.

Needless to say I am not a regular visitor of Misterxmedia anymore other than when he posts a new article and I comb through it to make my latest "Misterxmedia carnival of leaks.." posts.  I tend to have a good time putting those together because it is so easy to see how he is digging himself out of a hole with them post E3.  I will continue doing that for the foreseeable future, but the level of hypocrisy on that site is astonishing as hell to me and I hope more people begin to take notice.  Or not--I guess I don't ultimately care one way or the other.  At a certain point the carrot on the stick crap is not going to keep people interested.  The pie-in-the-sky ideas are not going to come to fruition and the sane-minded people are going to move on from his site.

We can only hope that this happens sooner rather than later.  Judging by the comments section on his site I would say that is already happening.  Pre E3 he was getting 1,400 comments/post and now he is down to about 400-500 while posting less than he has recently.  The beginning of the end of Misterxmedia is upon us! 
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