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MisterXMedia carnival of leaks. May 30th, 2012. PS4 Stacked CPU/GPU? Dafuq!? MisterX DOWNPLAYS CLOUD PROCESSING!!!

Welcome everyone to the "MisterXMedia carnival of leaks." A regularly occurring post on this blog where I highlight some of the crazy shit which MisterX and his gang have reported on in the past. It is astonishing how little that site has really gotten correct, but nonetheless he has a gang of faithful followers that would swear he is Phil Spencer himself. Anyway I wanted to highlight all of the most hilarious and downright ridiculous things he has said in the past so here goes!
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Insider Daily. Sony's next gen - smoke & mirrors again
Misterxmedia: What new and exiting did you know about game industry for the last time? I've lost my interest in current games expect  f1 and forza. Don't want shooters, kinect, rpgs and other..boring...wonder if I will be amazed again
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ast time ? never.. we all go through these stages in our life.. E3 will have some massive surprises in store from ms.. unreal 4 running on wii-u  unreal 4 running on Orbis with its 20gig of ram o the sany fanboys :) It will be a good e3 from Ms, Your just going to have to see it for your self  It will bring your taste for graphics BAck.
You should go and get Max payne  3 that was good but still all our projects are next gen now and we have a team for xbox360 ports now.  Ms are doing the same there are a lot of secret first party developers working a lot of overtime right now :) YOU WILL SEE A NEXT GEN LEAP OF GRAPHICS @ E3 .. :) 
Misterxmedia: Last time I meant in past months.
20 gig is a joke I hope?

 No console will ship with 20gig of ram.. Orbis is a power house.  The worst thing is it ant no durango ether. Sony uses stacked cpu gpu amd apu's.  sort of two wafers stacked on each other the problem all the industry see's is heat..  Heat is the biggest factors next gen how do you move the heat out of a console that is smaller then the lunch console last gen. So clock speeds are not going to be jumping as high as the community would like to think.  More heat more cooling.. Heat pipes bigger "louder fans" its real difficulty to do.  Liquid cooled is an option that is very much going to be an option, but it comes with cost and safety of the consumer.  Ms design is not as space age as Orbis but it will produce a lot more performance vs heat.  having 2 apus and two gpu that are very power full and on two different wafers will allow for high clock more gpu performance and cost a little bit more then a stacked apu/gpus. I think and other devs think that sony is trying to gain the upper hand bye a cheap cost and untested  design.  Sony would be better with a durango design, but sony does not have the investment capital to lose on every new console, and without a real subscription structure they can not get returns on the investment. Also Sony is investing a lot of money into there magical cloud based gaming structure at e3, But the problem with cloud based gaming is it can only deliver 2x max performance over current gen consoles, which is nothing compared to wii u 6x and durango's 12x. And the cost of internet you will have to have a min of 20mb connection to even get a playable 30fps @ 720p. And the console will have to be online constant connection. While I think in some regards cloud based gaming will be a a smart move next gen around 2017 when the infrastructure for internet streaming games and specialized hardware threads can be streamed into the game via on line apu farms. The fact is right now it is smoke and mirrors again from sony and is the case of me first. It wont work very well but in 6 years I can see it adding  to the onlive subscription system live with the bonus of better graphics streamed into your games.
After people see sony's streaming dream against Unreal engine 4 games the whole thing is going to come of cheap and tacky.
Unreal 4 is going to give you the graphics that you have been waiting for. The mod community's who mod there skyrim engines with dx 11 and particle effects are going to get a really big buzz and some will have there smile wiped of there faces, in regards to what a next gen console will be able to do. It will also hurt them in the pocket .... as there is no real optimization due to fragmentation in gpus on the pc front. So for a pc to run the console counterparts at hi res will set you back 2x i7 and 2x7890. Then add bluray drive as windows 8 will not use dvd, add large amounts of ram. and screens and larger cases your looking at $2500 pc vs 500$ console. The wow is all most here :)


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