Wednesday, June 4, 2014

MisterXMedia carnival of leaks. March 19th, 2012. Who knows what he is saying at this point...

Welcome everyone to the "MisterXMedia carnival of leaks." A regularly occurring post on this blog where I highlight some of the crazy shit which MisterX and his gang have reported on in the past. It is astonishing how little that site has really gotten correct, but nonetheless he has a gang of faithful followers that would swear he is Phil Spencer himself. Anyway I wanted to highlight all of the most hilarious and downright ridiculous things he has said in the past so here goes!

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This isn't going to be the last time this happens, but in this post I largely have no fucking clue what MisterX is talking about due to him speaking some form of Russian natively.  So I will try to piece together his nonsense as best I can...Wish me luck!

Not yayayaya:'s creator weights again changed plans ms. Carmack of epic (tiimmm suuuuinnni) ms firmly dealt with the following year, as he did shYst years ago. adjusted their vision of what they want ... esesdi will cost a lot of money SmSs. there is one in esesdi nedosatog - Defragment. why esesdi as ashdidi worth a lot of money. fixing the game on esesdi zalochivaya and memory cards will not be in the format recording. problem with difragmentatsiey solved esesdi reduced cost. the result is a super fast speed at a very low price. esesdi plzvolit trillion triangles to stream their textures directly tspudzhepeu a thousand times faster than a blur. a hundred times faster than ashdivi. problem with anrial Yndzhin chYatyre is that super ultra textures require esesdi. ten thousand revolutions will not help. kraytek said that on their first krayzis sdk new box in ultrahay seting and tyschavosem zero pi yuzali only vosim percent. we were told that they have a different sdk than our studio, on set with two spu.dzhipiyu vosimyu gigami operatives. KFOR in epics better than kraytek ... they sent in early January ... then gave the word to Tim and Steve. Tim Sweeney showed his three GNC KFOR jeeps seven eight thousands ayemde graphics technology, fourteen cores, sixteen gigs of RAM. is to show the difference between Epica and kraytek ... Tim dream machine ... said uepyat arrive in schYstandtstom. it will be evolution, will not have to upgrade to do ... I do not know which way to solve ... veberet melkomyagkie in April .. if you go the way of epics, it will pyattsot bucks at the start, without kinekta two zero, but with a new hybrid operation. I .. for epics and not kraytek. JAJAJA: I think that developed there lazy everything - shestadtsat gigs Give them .. will not kinekta dvanol but will be a hybrid? is it good or bad? ÿÿÿ not: we need a lot of memory and a lot tspyu dpyu to the new console was 10 years old. seems ms chosen the path of epics ... this way more support from developers ... we want more than twenty of the current box and power three generations of engines to be able to work ... three years Blurs will maximize speed ... esesdi card will cost two bucks to make ... will aypad six three seven-vosim tysyayayachchchch Jeep tspyu Hybrid with fourteen core will drive to the top of a seven years ... it's called marketing thinking ... cooling and power consumption will be held back a little bit mobile technology .. every Jeep will have seven geometric blocks tyschavosemso shader, will definitely be liquid ohlazhlenie with Heath pip and fans ... AMD nine thousands ashdi aimed at three cores in the fourteenth and fifteenth year will be based on this. shifrAgraaaaAmmy end.


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