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MisterXMedia carnival of leaks. March 15th, 2012. Xbox One 16GB RAM, $1 Billion BluRay Licence and SSD's.

Welcome everyone to the "MisterXMedia carnival of leaks."  A regularly occurring post on this blog where I highlight some of the crazy shit which MisterX and his gang have reported on in the past.  It is astonishing how little that site has really gotten correct, but nonetheless he has a gang of faithful followers that would swear he is Phil Spencer himself.  Anyway I wanted to highlight all of the most hilarious and downright ridiculous things he has said in the past so here goes!

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March 15th, 2012

Insider Daily. Microsoft plans adjusted after GDC. Blurs nafig, more memory and CPU / GPU.
Misterx: I want SSD, BR and 8 gig of ram :) But how is it possible to add another 4 gig of ram so late? where will they get 2xspace on the allready well designed motherboad? Also, maybe AMD is going with Sony because all i heard Bulldozers on PC are failed? Is that true? 
Insider: B
 ulldozer WAS Only for really earlier target alpha kits .. the final console is not running in Production Phase yet .. These changers are What Developers want .. Not going with the Blu ray as the space Drive Takes up has freed up around 4 inch's inside the console .. Will this allow for more cpu and gpu ram to be added.   Bluray The problem for ITS is not going to be fast enough to Delver the textures off the disk. were talking 1080p or 2000p textures game assets and audio .. Bluray, is not up to the task of unreal engine April 10 year projections. Yes the Bluray 3.0 Will be 80/100gig Disks but the Laser Drive Will not be Anymore then 8x ..   Bluray for film is Grate .. But Streaming Media Will Become the main focus for Most people .. as on Demand 1080p and internet Infrastructure Grows .   
The focus on ssd cards are the way forward .. there FASTER they will last longer and can be used as portable hdd ..
Its not going to be gpu / cpu / ram ... the ssd ... ms are not going to kill the second hand game market buy moving to ssd based storage. they will charge a small fee to register the ssd for live use. 
Now if ms do add 3 gpus 8 gig of ram and 2x cpu == 14 cores .. This was a business decision .. and its based sourly on Unreal Engine 4 ..  Ms have Stated That no next gen console Other Will the graphics pack Grunt That Will durango have . 
And ITS Safe to Say That Will it be some time before common Computer Will ship with These Components on the DAMS tic Side of Computers ..    And the ITS Media and 3rd Party Cooperate Investors WHO Will fit ... Half the Bill Pay TV .. . local tv are all signing in buy the millions .. The Durango is the all in one box that can do it all. Its the living room entertainment computer.
Now I can imagine you are dying to know how unreal engine 4 was running on dev kits .. We saw it demoed on nvidia tech first it was running @ super high res .. The ati based next gen cards ran the test code @ 1080p with 8xx 60fps AA .. And .. 3d mode Will have up to 200fps Ultra 3d eye rates.  The Funny thing About the New Unreal Engine 4 is how light is a living factor this time around .. The world just lives .. the leaves the street signs textures all look real. Its not based on gear or other unreal engine tech demos.
The colored aspect of previous unreal engine based games is over .. Which should see the fan boys happy :) But the end of the world scenario was surprising with big and I do mean big mech's type robots smashing city's down and nukes and people running before there deaths .. It just felt in 2012 .. end of the world .. even more so then gears ... Its defiantly based on there release game project .. But iv been told e3 will be the place to see the jump .. Also cry engine 4 was demoed to us but its not as forward as unreal but cryteck said there planing on shipping a new project with the engine in late 2013 and would remain focused on xbox/ps3 and wii u for some time also .. Also wii u will be able to run unreal engine 4 @ 720 and upscale to 1080p 60fps, I never saw it demoed but others did. 360/ps3 will also have some form of unreal engine 4 in 2013/14 but it will not pack the punch of next gen version all even wii u.
That WAS GDC well :) Misterx :: But How Will we buy games on ssd? What about our current 360games on DVDs with forward comoability? As for me I don't care, but most gamers will. But I think it is very future proof have no br ... streaming is all I need ... but ... maybe as external drive .... will be ok for countries with slow internet Insider: Ms Will have the whole 360 games catalog online via live come release, anybody who owns 360 game just has to enter the code on the disk and then you can download the game for Free ... That is What I WAS ... Told forward compatibility 100%. Now I They have know Will A more expansive Which model is thought to be A Larger console Which Will have maybe A Bluray Drive but it just Throwing around ideas there ..  There going to drop the kiddy Approach to A lot of games .. first Party with Phil now taking over the Europe job .. well will still have games across all markets .. will just see a heap of first party studio get brought and created over the next few months .. As MS strategy moves to a bigger market .. The ssd cards will be region free and dlc will be able to download to the ssd so that room is saved on internal hdd which games can also be installed to .. Well Vita is pretty much a micro ssd based platform, And you can buy them at any store or you can download to the handheld on demand style ..

So when I look at Vita I see the delivery based style that xbox720 will have only on a much grand scale .. There going to use new compression for data which would allow a 60gig file down to 8 gig .. It makes sense and most people can download that also pirates download bigger then that now :)
I think its a smart move and as a developer it sure would be a good move to have more gpu / cpu and ram ... There was talk of 2x 8gig of ram .. 16gig but I find that hard to believe so did dice but that is what epic want .. MS could get 16gig for 35 $ per console. Id rather 16gig over bluray any day .. bluray players can be brought stand alone for 45 $ usd and buy 2016 they will be phased out when hvd comes out for ultra high def .. Buy not having the bluray 3.0 the console will not be tagged old. And as internet grows in country that don't have super fast speeds, The 720 will remain usable .. And the license for bluray is very expensive it will cost ms 1 billion to get the license for there console .. I say 16gig of ram please :) 3xgpu 2x cpu future proof console that will last 10years + 450usd release, the consumer would be happy with this if it will stay relative grahics wise for 8 years ..:) Brief translation. I want SSD, Blurs and 8 gig memory . But how is it possible to find twice as much space for storage on the already well-designed motherboard?.Still, I've heard that Bulldozers on PC failed, right?) 0. Bulldozers were in early alpha whales. 1.Waiver of BR is seriously considered in favor of SSD. - BR is not fast enough to stream textures to high definition at the end of the next generation.  - frees up space inside the console, in order to increase the size of the circuit board and place it on more CPU / GPU and memory. 2 . Now MS has decided to increase up to 8 gigs and another CPU / GPU set. Thanks Unreal Engine 4.0. Said at GDC, Durango that do not fuck dog and nobody will be able to repeat it already. Even in the market PC. incredible. As time passes the time before PC can do the same (have the dimensions of the components, such energy efficiency, productivity and a sebestoiomst). 3. UE4 demo was on the cards Nvidia. World looks alive.Demo is not based on the world Dumbbell. This was the scenario in 2012, nuclear explosions, people Begusha second before death. Apparently this is the setting for their future games. 2012 scenario. Now playing on UE4 will not look like put in graphic terms. Fanboi will be happy. WiiU will be able to run in a smaller UE4 Extender and apskeylit to 1080p @ 60fps . PS3/Xbox 360 will have some elements of UE4 in 13/14 years. But as the game will be sold on the SSD? What will happen with games from the disks 360, planiruyuemoy forward compatibility (when the disc is inserted into 360 for Xbox Next will have better graphics). Still needed disk 4. MS to partition all the games online, everyone who has a disc can download it. That's what I heard. Maybe MS will make a bigger on razmerm Blyureem console.But that's just talk about. 5. MS gathered seriously get down to business on the field exclusives. Internal studios will do less "baby" games. Phil Harrison will take the over europe. Internal studios will be more. MS will be present in all markets. But hardcore receive a new impulse from internal studios MS. 6. SSD cards will not zalochenny regions. Content can be downloaded to them. Like Vita but only in a broader application. 7. As a developer, I support the rejection of the BR in favor of greater memory and CPU / GPU sets. Epic want 16 GB of memory. But this is fantastic. MS can get 16GB of memory for $ 35. BR otdelyny worth $ 45. By 2016 Blurs which will now be put already old, because will Ultra Hi def. Conversely, the absence of blur will make the console is not obsolete 10 years or more, the graphics are not aging 8 years and costs $ 450 at the start. So I'm in a lot of memory and number of processors. Consumers will be happy. Besides a license for Blurs will be worth 1 billion. Remarks If MS abandon the drive and go to the card (and it appears to have done it) and lay out all 360 games that can be run on the next console to download, then I think the key is not difficult find in the internet, because it will be bad protected.Specifically. Buying a new console people will get a bunch of bonus khalyavnykh games. Extras. marketing ploy. Overall nafig movies on the console. To do this, we have 45 players blur. On boxing streaming only (so now thinks MS). I do not mind, because buy movie on the disc already forgotten what it is, though HD movies look regularly and not necessarily the downloaded torrents. Risky, but with a margin for buuschee.Fanboi will resent. Sonia appeared trump card in the next generation (at least some). Let's count them.Trumps, which will have a positive effect on sales: Sonia: - Blurs. At MS - better graphics - the best network service integration with other services and devices - social opportunities and IMO - better management. Even if Sony will make a copy of the Kinect. - best media content - the groundwork for more Dalkey lifetime console (paraphrasing - longer competitive with graphics) - the best strategy development (Sony at a crossroads) If you count the number fakapov (things that will ottalknivat buyers) , it is still 1:1: - Sony throws with backward compatibility because of the refusal Cell. - MS with Kintz to blur.


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