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MisterXMedia carnival of leaks. March 12th, 2012. Xbox One to have 3 GPU's, PS3 was outdated and Xbox One will get SSD's.

Welcome everyone to the "MisterXMedia carnival of leaks."  A regularly occurring post on this blog where I highlight some of the crazy shit which MisterX and his gang have reported on in the past.  It is astonishing how little that site has really gotten correct, but nonetheless he has a gang of faithful followers that would swear he is Phil Spencer himself.  Anyway I wanted to highlight all of the most hilarious and downright ridiculous things he has said in the past so here goes!

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March 12th, 2012

Insider Daily. 8GB для Xbox 720? SSD or BR? Sony опять за старое with Kara
Misterx: Project KARA. Sony continue smoke and mirror about PS3 power with thouse "tech demos". They reaaly know what demoscene was about. Cheap trick to show this - small room to render and no free camera to control. Cheap tricks by Quantics Dreams. How do you feel they do that and all people say QD is geniuos? :) When acctially they lie to all fanboys.

 Kara looks like ps1 graphics compared to unreal engine 4 ... Its just sony again smoke and mirrors... ps3 is out dated and a bad design from the out set.. halo 4 makes all ps3 excusives look dated.
these new ssd memory cards ms are testing out.. are amazing .. they just kill any medium delivery buy 100x.. Now that bluray has been dubed bad for game developnent.. the ssd cards cost 10$ to make but can hold up to 120gig compressed. But still there are vocies that want bluray drive.. As im not the destion maker i choose ssd tho.  Also Ms Are going with 8gig of ram now.. also if they dont put a bluray drive will allow them to put an extra cpu/gpu co processor in as the cost of a bluray drive is 50usd per console.. and another cpu\gpu is 40$  and will add another 45% lod to the console.  And the fact were on phas 3 sdk now.. so 3 gpu's and 3 cpus just seems like over kill.. well thats what we got info wise at gdc.. if true id like to see sony/bign try and out do this.. :)
- Sonya again for lying to KARoy, 
- MS thought about 8 gigs on board 
- Option SSD treated MS, but without the BR is also impossible (and I can not imagine how) 
- This would put another CPU / GPU (bring up to three) that competitors would be trampled to shreds. They will not be able to overtake two. 
Conclusion - I would place the MS would put the SSD, BR and another CPU / GPU set + 8GB. Let it will cost $ 500 But for ages :)

Misterx: I want SSD, BR and 8 gig of ram :) But how is it possible to add another 4 gig of ram so late in design phase? where will they get 2xspace on  allready well designed motherboad?


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