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@MisterXmedia carnival of leaks June 26th, 2014. Microsoft are buying Crytek and Capcom. All will be revealed about Xbox One at Gamescom....

It appears to be that time again!  I happened to hop on over to the internet's village drunk MisterXmedia and saw saw he put up a new leak of information from his insider.  As usual I went and perused through it.  There was a lot to laugh at this time!  Mostly because he is in full on protection mode after E3 happened a few weeks ago and he is still trying to convince people to stick around despite being categorically wrong on just about everything.  He is already laying out the ol' carrot on the stick for Gamescom and as expected his most devoted, or most brainwashed, followers are already in full sprint chasing the aforementioned carrot.

So, without further adieu.  The MisterXmedia carnival of leaks for June 26th, 2014.

Insider and Mistercteam Daily. We are close to full understanding of Xbox One real architecture
Insider: The reason phil said dx12 wont bring a massive change .. is because most devs will have been using it prior to its pc release when in regards to xbox one specific tasks.
Things take time.. new sdk just arrived full dx12 sdk wont be available till September. Its all alpha but with stereo driver.. fpga stuff dsp is also in its early stages.. Microsoft have to devs up to speed on new ways to do things... just like hardware it took time for people to show what could be done.

Misterx: Is it possible MS want Xbox One to be as low as possible?

Maybe they need change HW specs a little bit as new tech gets new revisions and they found a major flaws in design

Insider: Absolutely not... some devs only received there update this week.. gamescom will see huge positives.
Xbox one is out selling ps4 now.. seen some charts today .. the kinect bundle is selling extremely well despite the new bundle.
People just have to wait a little bit longer I know things did not go 100% to plan but I tell you this there is a reason for this . People on this blog know exactly what I am saying and so do you.. xbox one hasn't launched yet..

Insider: I see people asking what the mega ultra tone was ment to be ... I cant say now as it has only just been leaked through conversation and board meetings Remember the 3rd party studios there are many... but you keep what you kill.. or phil likes to own the I.p that Microsoft work on... 2.8 billion is the price to this address. :

Are we to believe that Microsoft are in the process of purchasing major 3rd party studios?  The only Capcom is for sale, but there is little chance they will be buying them.  Not to mention your megton was supposed to be at E3 and the Capcom sale stuff came out after the fact.  So if you claim that this is/was the major announcement anyone with a brain will confidently and rightfully so, call bullshit.

This is to specific address the issue that Microsoft will not talk hardware.. well that has changed.. sdk talk will keep coming.. more and more talks and right up to tgs .. games will keep getting better and better.. and these talks will make it extremely hard for them devs to get away with not using xbox one...
I have told you mrx the console was not meant to launch till late 2014... from e3 on its going to be better and better..

Seeing as how the console receives montly updates I would say this was expected no matter what.  The Xbox 360 got better and better too.  You are literally telling people that the system is going to get better when they always knew it would.  Just look at from launch till now.  It is quite obvious it has gotten dunce.

Misterx: Can you check the right lines for us? mean that teach is inside xbox one

Insider: Devs read the blog.. to see when things are coming... cos its taken 3 months for phil to get control of the company . Cliffy is right..

I will a sure you this amazing things are coming

Insider: I want you to understand we have a lot of people would like to see us go down.. there was more information that came before e3 which I new was lies to catch us out... that is why I posted the shenmue 3 and half life 3... these games are in dev I can asure you.. but I had to make a judgement and it worked..

Wait, is this fucking clown now saying that he revealed stuff that was wrong to protect himself?  Now he is saying that he wasn't wrong, but they are in development?  Sounds more like you were just always full of shit than anything.  I know, I know--now he is going to say that it will be announced at the next E3 or something.  Believe me when I insist to you guys that this moron has no clue in hell what he is talking about.  Seriously.

Insider: I am working on a huge update of information. It is hard to explain what is going on.. the problem is trying to explain the axi bridge. Fpga programmable gate arrays. And arm co processing. Vector dsp. But there is a huge part of hot chips that was put out there but not explained. Even tho I new enough I still didn't understand how it worked on the programmable level.. there is a tone of stuff now. Slave /master ... are actually host/guest they confused the terms .. not sure why if its nda .. but

There missing blocks that connect to the axi bridge. You need to look at the shape audio block the yellow colors.... the gray blocks have nothing to do with audio other then they can process via reprogrammed logic.. its going to be very complicated to explain. But I am working and going to submit research docs diagrams that will brake this down...into manageable segments of information... there is 100% two system interconnect with x1 hardware and they are both accelerated too.. call the traditional cpu+gpu+gpugp master/host and the axi bridge slave / guest.
Forward compatibility is only possible via slave/guest hardware architecture. Same as ray tracing. This really is like a crossfire sli architecture then previously thought.. axi bridge interconnect new architecture with enhanced gpu+ cpu /gpugp / data move + esram.
I am not sure if we are BACK to the dual GPU shit again or if we've never left, but Albert Panelo has twice shot this crap down so I would say this is just more ridiculous bullshit from MisterX and his sidekick huckleberry dumbass.  There is no dual GPU.  There isn't an unactivated GPU there isn't an SLI setup, a crossfireX setup.  FACT.  Proven twice by an executive within the walls of Microsoft.
The display plans there is two for gpu dual logic. And one for the snap feature which use the 4 cu on the cpu. It is also why the cpu has 4 cu's, and why the axi bridge connect directly to the master/host cpu and not the gpu... that is why the 4 cu are older simd.
And why the esram cluater is 16mb between the main/host cpu. So the dsp have access to cpu cach. main/master cpu

I will set the record straight very soon mrx :)
Would like to share information with mrc so that he can push the information even more.. nda stuff .

OH THANK GOD!  Because right now no one has a fucking clue in hell what you are talking about anymore.  Not that most people ever really did have a clue, but you get what I am saying.  You're full of double-talk bullshit and you are trying to cover your own ass he to stay relevant to the handful of insecure dumbasses who follow you.

Insider: Mrx I will be working on a information peace over the next few days. It will touch on 90 % of x1 architecture .. and explain were the ray traciny dsp design derived from. .. its extremely complex information. But it will blow mrc away also.. :)

I, as well as so many other, will believe it when we see it.  Who am I kidding.  I won't even believe it then because you almost certainly made it up schmuck.

Insider: Its amazing how much information has been posted on the blog in the last few hours(misterx: page 3 and 4 of comments by Mistercteam in previos post).. its 99% inline .. iv spent hour going over white papers sdk information. And then boom its up... fpga asics scalable core vector.. dsp. Hmb memory cach. But like iv been saying its been right in front of your eyes...

In-line with WHAT!?  You've not revealed a damn thing.  In fact the opposite.  The things you DID "Reveal" were all proven to be 100% false.  So whatever you are claiming is in-line is in-line with absolutely nothing.  I looked outside and saw the sky was blue.  That is very in-line with my presumptions of the sky being blue.  That is essentially what you've done here you jerkoff.  You've discovered nothing.

Your biggest and most importantly clue is Axi Bridge.
Every ray tracing chip idea has this special bridge. Host guest or is it master slave :) its the future of interconnected gateways ...

So you can talk about the AXI Bridge.  Sweet.  You can tell us where to look.  Awesome.  Yet you cannot just say what we are looking at?  What...A....load....of...bullshit.

Sgrt and amp c++ share similarities..
The reason why the high level engineering team for kinect voice control wont let other teams use this dsp processing reservation. Wait till the next sdk update comes around in august and September.. ant no voice ever been used on that dsp.. only yellow for audio 512 voices and dedicated plugin processing and surrounded mixing.. kinect voice commands have only ever been used via the soc within kinect the mic array.. 18 gops hhmmm how many watts even bigger clue.. dp.. specialized engines... there is even more connected at the Axi Bridge.
So, keep coming back until August/September.  Gotcha......
Its a testament to the blog how good the team is digging. You people are onto this good work mrc all most there.
What the hell have they dug up?  Seriously.  
That chines name @ hotchips 2014 !! Yeah you can find some much out if you digg his name. Ray trace chow. He has been involved in a team of other starting with T. Right back to 2007. 2012 ms licensed and brought them in to help design fpga axi and others. But Samsung help design so much but only through concept patients. Think what 64kb 32kb 8kb 32kb 16kb 8kb im sure you can understand scratch pad caching. Mobile rt gpu on a huge scale.. but benefits of keeping inline is less heat less power draw ...
Mrx ill do a deep dive with diagrams in my next information talk.. like I had planed but I feel mrc and others have earned the right to speak first there the ones who get put down.. remember dx12 is dead mantal opengl api this ... layered hardware .. the complexities within x1 are so hard to give the figures because it is evolving.. programmable logic is the future or fabric are they one in the same on a hardware or software side. Boom ... :)

It is easy to make a claim about something Microsoft will obviously NEVER delve into.  So far you've just told us to believe in something we will never know the answer to.  Honestly.  It give me great joy to know that the majority of people are not dumb enough to believe the stupid bullshit you are trying to pull here.

Insider: Ryse 2 was in very early prototyping... one level .. open world ship to beach to ice mountain. I.p ant dead more on this subject @ gc, it will be addressed in some form officially. The crytek situation is hindered by the fact that unreal is coming in 2015. That is a problem and it can do rt elements. Crytek are 2016/17 for that engine update. Middle/3rd party licensees are not happy and that is why contracts got cancelled. Will ms purchase or fund other projects in the future I have heard yes. But when ms spend and invest in 2nd party or joint funding agreements they would like to obtain more leverage over these I.p's. Technology to software is evolving on the console front. And that is a burden on development studios as well.. ms have there own engine sdk and apis now. And they are heavily involved with unreal development.

Crytek are alleged to be in financial trouble.  There will be some official address?  You don't say!?!?!  OF course they will!!!!!  They are a large company making 3rd party games and one of the games is a first party title for Xbox One.  If they have major troubles you are going to hear about it.  This isn't a leak it is literally stating the facts before they happen.  There are new games from first party development studios coming to the Xbox One.  Expect to hear more at Gamescom.  There will be an official address as some point.  I'm not sure when, but it is coming.......See how easy that is!?  You dumb prick!

Capcom would be 1st party. Crytek 2nd party. In a perfect sense. Or ms could invest 4 billion in true 1st party studio's. What do people on the blog think. Do or dont. Co's you keep what you kill this generation :)
Well, you seem to know what is going on.  Why don't you just "leak" what is going to happen.  Surely more than just a few people know right now since it is a $4 billion potential deal.  That much money doesn't get spent without large groups of financial advisers throwing out their opinions on the matter. 
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