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MisterXmedia Carnival Of Leaks June 17th, 2014 - Magical NDA returns to cover insiders ass once again. Apple console on the way!!!!

Do you know how you shift attention off of yourself and how utterly wrong you were?  You start pointing to the other guy!  Behold, that is exactly what Misterxmedia is currently doing.  His ridiculous insider claimed that there was going to be crazy megaton information coming from E3 this year and by any measure it was a swing and a miss!

Insider Daily. Why Microsoft tell there is still NDA for "inferior" to PS4 Xbox One hardware?
Insider: Drive club liner levels no open world no environmental damage ... the road in forza horizon 2 is mapped just like the dynamic weather night and day cycle. As well as dust grass mud wood and metal grime. Look at the amount of cars. Drive club is a 10 hour game forza 120hr +.. Forza horizon 2 has been all in game some of them dc videos are replay. I know I have played both and I have seen fh2 latest build it has 50% more texture detail and sub surface scatering and dof the tree look way more textured and so do the cars.. there is a shine elerment which is missing from the e3 build. They are using the same effect in qb ... chrome sub surface. That is why dc looks a little more polished on the vehicle side of things . But dont take my word for it. Wait till gdc build your going to see the difference.

(So now that he has been absolutely wrong he is shifting the talk away from Xbox One and over to PS4.  Makes sense.  Oh, and we are now supposed to wait until GDC to see the greatness that was supposed to be at E3.....)
Dc is using ace full render path.. ms have only just given devs extra cu's and stereo big big difference. 2x gpu peferomance. Dual logic.
Like batman beging rendered on pc too.. drive club is very boring in regards to its aspirations people will see this.. all liner..no substance .. I still think if you have a ps4 its a no brainer.. but some of the video are replay mode forza horizon 2 replay mode is the same but its not a final representative of final game play.
Downgrades will be had...
Now you are supposed to believe that Driveclub i sgoing to look much worse.  Why?  Because he said so?  You are supposed to take his word for it because he has been soooo accurate in the past.

Insider: Inregards to blog post 100% correct mkx is 1080p 60fps ... and I did leak the game before edboon had given hints ... typo. They do happen .. but it is 1080p and not 800p :)
No, you did not leak the game first.  There is zero evidence to support this and I have extensively searched on Misterxmedia's site.
Insider: Parasite dr3 patch delayed ..from 900 to 1080p 30 no dips 30.. not sure when the patch will land but phil is going to push for all devs to reach that level as new sdk has enough power to render ryse @1080p 60fps with ease... some games and I do mean some basic money hated sony diablo stuff will not be 1080p inless they officially get called out. But in honest d3 should be 1080p 60fps with ease. There is no exception now.. new sdk = 1080p no @#$#@$# excuses .. and that is that.

There is absolutely no evidence to support there is or ever was a patch coming to Dead Rising 3.  Literally NONE.  The new SDK gives more power yes, but it doesn't make it any more capable of running Ryse at 1080p 60 FPS.  It is entirely dependent on how they want the game to look!  They could have easily made Ryse run at 1080p 60fps before, but they chose to go for graphical fidelity first.  That is a fact.  No companies were paid to make their game inferior either.  That is ridiculous!
1080p 30 locked... before sdk alot of 2nd party games were locked to 900p new update to sdk will allow more resolution and more scale. Gdc will show this

Insider: The problem with ssod is they have not used updated sdk yet to optimise or take effective use of tools The confusion is rip on this project .. the devs have stated to many people 1080p 30 locked. Iv seen the game. The 1080p 30 was devs side. This is the first time I have heard of 900p ... it does not make sense to drop the resolution when every other dev are getting resolution bump ups and better lod with sdk update. The game is hardly going gold tomorrow.
The more likely scenario is that you are completely full of shit and have no clue in hell what you are talking about since you are making it all up.  Then again, what do I know right.
Plenty of time.. the sub hd debate is over ... I expect gdc to clear this up once and for ever. 2nd and 3rd party devs just need a bit more time to implement the new features

Insider: http://www.redgamingtech.com/inside-xbox-one-amd-microsoft-developer-day-analysis-breakdown-tech-tribunal-part-1/
Wtf honestly this has nothing to do with 16th :)
Old none nda meeting ... took there time to match up vgleaks

Insider: I had a conversation with a ps4 dev friend. I was asking him more about the jaguar cpu threading . And he said single issue 8 way memory cach read write on ps4 .. i will be going over the latest ice sdk documents in the coming hours to verify this information.
As with isca discussion about to hit the blog. I find it strange that the x1 has been dual issue with 16 way cach read write. Plus 1.75ghz cpu clock speed. There is also 4 cu 2 for each 4 core quod. Which I am lead to believe are very similar to ace cues.
So 8 threads jaguar vs custom jaguar 16 threads 4 cu ace.
20 gig buss for cpu ps4 30 gig for x1 cpu.
2 cores for both console reserved for os..
so 6 cores 6 threads for ps4 / 6 cores 12 threads for x1.
Gpu dual logic cpu dual issue. Mrc should be able to explain this more... after leaked slides head our way ... which I am a sure they will be :)

Insider: People be patient please. Trying my hardest to get you information. There is some stuff that ms ibm and amd do not want in public sectors yet. This time Nda are serious. Not just warnings but full abolished from industry. Never work again stuff and big trouble financially. This is not your typical leaked stuff.
I will tell you tho... that axi bridge is new technology. Its design to allow different computer hardware to talk to each other and there is many blocks of hardware there. Audio/ Graphics accelerated fpga technology "new" tech./ And cpu math coprocessor. There is a cluster of little dsp co process that are re programmable. This is the 50 blocks .. the esram sits on top or around these processing blocks and act as some type of heat spreading or from what I understand that is why there is more esram but the gpu can not access this extra .. it is only for these 50 blocks .. also these process can be gated off when not in use and is the main benefit of dark silicon technology. There is a 100-20watt reserved power load buit into x1 for this tech. And is designed to push gpu cpu passed what moore law has aloud. This is what all future gpu will have to reduce heat and push the gfx of the future. Every thing can be offloaded to these process 100% freeing up gpu ... more should leak out I am told control leak is coming very very soon and it is based on crackdown tech demo. And every body will think you will need external cloud to do this but you wont..
It will all come out soon more to come I need to dig deeper so that trust can be shown ..

Insider: I dont have the time to address people directly on the blog.. but Modifica Console Puntocom had some questions. And the main question sequels..
Well its been a long time since new hardware .. so ever since x-engine all these games and most unreal havok and some 3rd party engines were design with high assert gta5 perfect example. The game just has to be retooled to specific hardware architectures.
Its allways like this with crossgen platforms. And dev studio like to make profit to roll over to new projects. Take tomb raider. The remaster has helped fund the development of tomb raider rising.
And this time Microsoft plan on supporting 360 till 2016/17 with new games and I.p also .. people tell me to think of the early days of sega , they had the master system and megadrive/genesis sell side by side both platforms were very successful profitable the company...
New I.p are coming there is still 3 unannounced games coming to be announced. ... gdc/tgs
Busy busy day :)
One question people on the blog should ask them selves. If Microsoft had nothing hidden why all the NDA and black out media meeting about whats inside the xbox isn't that the biggest clue to all this.
Isnt it strange that devs are completely shocked with there new sdk. 10% does not give you double the performance alone. After today its clear now. :)
Mrc is 100% correct and on the right parth.. ether you have somebody on the inside or your really good at the numbers you sure know how to figure the clues. I know for everybody else it seem to complicated to connect the dots but you have it now.

June 2 2014. AMD and Microsoft presentation slide

Insider: Intresting conversation today. No apple employees are permitted in Microsoft nda events. Roumors are apple are definitely bring out an apple tv hybrid console.
There going to be doing self license gaming free sdk if you own an apple device.
People are going to wonder why I am bringing this up. Well it gives a clear picture to the Microsoft nda. Considering the apple designed soc is using licensed technology from other companies. Code name cyclone there is two technologys mobility and tv/console designed around this.. 22nm tech. 2.4 billion transistor fab. Strange to think the deal is reported to cost apple 1 billion usd. But then apple can fab the chip themselves. Sound strange to think one of these companies who they have licensed architecture from is Microsoft. And this chip will have 32mb esram too as spoken about today.
It is naive to think 5 billion transistors just for an apu
Consider the fact an i7 is 1.2 billion alone with gpu part. And that apple can fit esram on an soc and a 12 core cpu and two gpus and an arm A8 based accelerator and m8 coprocessor all in a 2.4 billion.
5 billion transistors. And the apple hybrid is reported to be near silent but pack 5 times the gpu and cpu performance of a ps3/360.
FPGA / DSP how much do they take up. Id like to see MRC do an analysis of ps4 transistor budget vs x1 vs apple A7 /8 soc with a diagrams xray shot of all three designs.. there is a big clue to how esram is used within two architectures.. and why the biggest clue should be submitted.
So much news yesterday and today. I could not believe the armed forces tactics involved in these presentation nda ... no date announced. Hate to be the other two guys walking into the room :)

Part 27. Remember X1 said as built from Supercomputer/Datacenter Architecture, ISCA 2014, Doug Burger Talk FPGA accelerator technology for Datacenter, Also 300 X1 devkit usage for machine learning
by Mistercteam


"Though FPGA technology is well understood and used widely in the embedded technology industry, it's rare to hear of it being paired with standard off-the-shelf CPUs for accelerating web-facing software – until now, that is.

"We're moving into an era of programmable hardware supporting programmable software," Microsoft Research's Doug Burger told The Register. "We're just starting down that road now."

If Microsoft has indeed figured out how to almost double the performance of its computers while only paying a tenth more in electricity for large-scale data center tasks – and we see no reason to doubt them – that's not only a huge saving, but also one that saves the company from the slowdown in run-of-the-mill CPUs chips.

"Based on the results, Bing will roll out FPGA-enhanced servers in one data center to process customer searches starting in early 2015," Derek Chiou, a principal architect of Bing, said in a statement emailed to El Reg.

"We were looking to make a big jump forward in data center capabilities. It's an important area," Microsoft Research's Doug Burger explained to us."

And Example of the performance is shown on Audio block
you looking at DSP/FPGA portion of it (same tech)


It is why they use Machine learning with 300 Devkit !!!!

Tensilica Reconfigurable logic / DPU / Same Tech MS used for
Audio Block, 1 Audio block is so small = 15.4 Gflop
what about 512-768 of it ?? (under half clock) 


more later
interesting, register not said about the Main keynote "X1 tech insight" (NDA)
instead bring what Doug burger Reconfigurable logic
but most of tech user will probably know this is also
related to X1

like i said X1 tech will be for 2 targer the X1
also for Datacenter accelerator

Programming this thing is a nighmare
it is why only use for something specific

If MS could bring the tools to make C++ AMP
or like HSA , HSA also said will bring DSP/FPGA
then maybe this is a new era and X1 is first of its kind

X1 will bring local cloud (512-768 of it) + Data centre cloud
to talk as they are same tech building from gound up for future
workload .....

I believe MS modified the DPU of tensilica to use
MS own E2 reconfigurable logic of ALU part

And this is does not mean the Datacenter Doug burger 
and X1 will same FPGA tech
but the underlying software development to support it
can be the same, X1 could use tensilica + E2
Datacenter could use pure E2 only FPGA (from MS research)

Register also the one that said X1 has Hybrid Memory cube
when MS join HMC Consortium
also the one hinted Mircosoft + ARM + AMD = FSA (HSA early version)

later on .....

Part 28. Dark Silicon /Breaking Moore's Law, to achieve it --> FPGA 
by Mistercteam

Some example is Tensilica DPU the one that used on X1 audio block or infact it is on GPU too (later on)

Now lets take a look the DPU perforamcne from 45 nm of 2009

"Xtensa LX3 DPU offers the industry's widest range of pre-verified DSP options ranging from a simple floating point accelerator to a 16-MAC (multiply accumulator) vector DSP powerhouse. The base Xtensa LX3 DPU configuration can reach speeds of over 1 GHz in 45nm process technology (45GS) with an area of just 0.044 mm2 and power of 0.015 mW/MHz. When built with the new ConnX Baseband Engine DSP (ConnX BBE), the Xtensa LX3 processor delivers over 10 Giga-MACs-per-second performance, running at 625 MHz with a footprint of 0.93mm2 (post place-and-route 45GS) and consuming just 170 mW (including leakage)."

Let Raw calc a bit
10 GMAC = 5 Gflop ~ 0.93mm2 @ 45nm 170mW
5 Gflop , 170mW & @20/22nm = 0.25 mm2
30 Gflop, 1W @45nm !!!!!

basically Tensilica breaking 15 DP Gflop/watt using 45nm tech
Today GPU is only 10-15 SP Gflops/Watt not even DP !!!!

Let take a look at nvidia diagram below
they try to break > 15 DP Gflop barrier / watt

the problem with FPGA is they are harder than GPU
so MS have to be provide the framework & tools to support it
it is also why HSA also adopts DSP/FPGA not just CPU/GPU

generally, DSP/FPGA of X1 audio block for example
is just like PS3 Cell , a fusion of SIMD/vector and scalar

Part 29. To Sum it up, wattage, SIMD Processing, Audio block as hint, Insider said sometimes ago 0.45 clock(performance), all inline
by Mistercteam



Part 30. ARM inside Xbox One
by HernyFood
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