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MisterXMedia carnival of leaks. June 18th, 2012. Microsoft purchased large segment of APPLE! Insider has SEEN Xbox Tablet.

Pretty dull day over at MisterXmedia.  Just the normal nonsense.  Typical next-gen console is going to be announced stuff.  Oh, and he hints that Microsoft might have secretly bought a part of Apple.....HAHA


Insider Daily.Xbox Tablet or Xbox Next?2010 powerpoint is outdated-Next xbox is 12++++ power of 360
Misterxmedia: Will 1 gpu match hd8970 perfomance or what will do 2 gpus combined?
Инсайдер: cpu/apu + gpu will reach hd8970 performance levels.. There will be over heads at the start but compared to the wiiu over heads its about 20%.... I ant 100% sure what's going on Monday with Ms our high up dev is all smiles and is chatting more then lately. I would be think next gen hardware announcement really it could happen there was so much stuff on show back stage at E3 they could easily lunch a  console within 6 month like I have been saying for the last 12 months. There are so many 3rd party dev's with 100% support for pet name 720 :) every studio developer have code names for the durango hardware's. And yes unreal engine 4 runs on it and with ease. 
Nice vista also.. a bit gray sort of like unreal engine 3 :)
Misterxmedia: so system with 2cpu and 2gpu will be hd8970 level? Or will be 2xhd8970 level? I think me will annoUnce tablet...but bad NPD this maybe and even next xbox. Also I don't get how it is possible to change from PPC CPU to amd 64 that late and even without spec change as you said...What about Sony..will they ship ps4?:)

Инсайдер: The final changes of core cpu.. will not effect the sdk.. as x64 is already in Assembly.....  

Iv heard the reason they may change is because they want a better level of security,  Arm cortex  is better for a hyper vizor  based security. And the Amd apu can have an on chip arm with out using cpu cores.  1080p @ 12o fps  but 4k via upscale chip when the tvs are available. No console will do 4k native render next gen. It could be possible for 2k render but you would lose 40% of peak performance, games would still look better then ps3/360 buy a long shot.
And yes I have been told, It could be the new tab getting announced Monday, or Ms have purchased a large segment of apple :)
I think next gen..

Misterxmedia: How old is that presentation? Looks messed and outdated.

I don't get about priceing - 299$ for xTV version or it will be main xbox and there will not be more powerfull version?
Инсайдер: Old Document... Way way more powerfull .. That was an internal guide. But board lay out is 100% real. but the 3x xenos is not in the unit that I have seen that was cut Bc will be done by main cpu. It was cut to save costs, and these cost have allowed MS to add more cores to system and better main gpu specs and faster apu and more dd4 to 8gig.. it will all so be possible to add more to this console because it will have pci3 specs.. as not every body in 2017 will have fast internet so retail games will still be sold.  I would expect more information to arrive over the next few hours. There is an updated Documents out there on the internet a lot of developer were given them with the new specs and lunch window @ e3.  The system is A monster, @ e3 there we developers talking about peck performance will be higher then first thought.. I heard some insane number way above 12X I ant going to repeat it as I don't want to theory of what is and isn't and be quoted for it. They have 450w head room on this console. Its expectations have exceeded everybody that has seen it and have sdk's 

Инсайдер: I just checked the documents link you gave me.. only some of that is real.. a fear bit is not.. the board picture is real tho but it has massive changes in specs.  There is other documents you should look for there out their

First party Devs are say this is the new portable xbox   .. I can say iv seen this... and yes its real very real..  and 720 games will be able to run on this with out streaming tech they look as good but 100X better then what vita can do and wii u... enjoy
Инсайдер:And before every body quotes the specs they are fake on that cheat sheet ... The specs are still amazing I wish I could say more :(

Misterxmedia: Wow that what announsment will be about today? Great specs!!
Инсайдер:No the specs are not 100% real they are very close in some regards but not the same ... still I am 80/20 /Ms will announce this today its so tight lipped but we know its portable and xbox gaming will be a massive part of this device I cant say any thing more ...   :0

Инсайдер: Ms have every thing locked down //.... no pics no press is aloud near the venue.. Something big is coming.. This could be the one

Инсайдер: Other people are now saying it is the next gen xbox console ..  It could be a tablet and new console.. There is so much talk going on behind the public eyes. There has been talk about the Cryteck and unreal guys are going.. so is rockstar and a few other dev. some of our managers are heading there.

Инсайдер: 6:30 PM EST

Misterxmedia: Wow, great!
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