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MisterXMedia carnival of leaks. June 13th, 2012. Xbox One WILL have 8GB of DDR5 RAM. Xbox has 30-50% performance left.

This one was a joy to read through!  This was the post were "insider" said that the Xbox One WILL have 8GB's of DDR5 RAM.  Among other usual bullshit and nonsense of course.


Insider Daily. Post E3 2012, 8 gigs of ram for next xbox again, 2xHD9870 explained
Misterxmedia: Great gfx for Dogs and seems like a game not bad too...
Blown away by forza..that is what I allwsys wanted..seems like devs will do it perfect...where Xbox got all this juce....:D Fuck blind people who dowgrade MS conference...halo4 and forza wtf

Insider: Yes forza and Halo 4 they are pushing graphic boundary's.. Those textures are all direct x 10.1/11 stream in.. The thing about e3 is, That most the internet uses are getting to see these games in low quality streams. It does not do the game Justis.  I wont go on record but there is still around 30% in xbox performance.  Well I have seen unreal 4 running on xbox360 it was only debug tho and will never see any games on it, But it did run the core elements demo at 25fps @ 720p I am sure it was getting upscale also. But next to durango it was like ps1 to xbox.  Demoing this live would only make the 360 look Bad. I was at Sony conference, Highly disappointed God of war just looks like God of war from 3 years ago.. The last of us I got to sample that later and the game just feels like uncharted which is a good thing, But whats it tells me.. They talked up how good there studio and how Manny of the creative minds they have but still a 12min demo from David cage will end up on ps4.The fighting game was a rip off of Nintendo smash bros.. And it didn't look that good  the back grounds all looked low res.  And Vita I just felt terrible for owning one original game WTF. The word back stage is there really going broke.  It is a shame and Farcry 3 looks shit on ps3 low blurry textures every where, Its how I in visioned a fps on Nintendo 64, :) well that was a bit harsh.. I just feel that if MS had of shown one demo of Durango it wouldn't have hurt there sales, If any thing it would have boosted there sales , Cos they would have been labeled as the show that one e3 and face it does help sale consoles.  All I can say is its worth the wait its only going to be 12 months I think after Epic demo there unreal 4 on unannounced hardware :)  I think Durango is going to unveiled @ epics conference make sure you get to watch on line.. :)   

@nintendo... ZZZZzzzz   ZZZzzzzzzzz Nintendo r.i.p 2012

Misterxmeia: i don't care about Nintendo...they know they are for kids have nothing for core gamers. They are in stone age with their 3d tech.

What the fuck that Agni Philosophy? CGI render? May day call of all japan game industry? Demo looked better then ue4 but that can not be possible because japan 3d tech is inferior...cheaters?
Insider: Unreal engine 4,  is only a real time demo of shaders lighting, particle and large renders with real time lighting and shades. 45x af and 24 x AA tessellation.. The squire soft demo is amazing but it is not as important as Unreal engine 4. The engine is way beyond squires tech. Don't be fooled by cgi real time renders, Japanes developers 'SONY' They love this stuff a target video is not what you will see in the end. Unreal4 and cryengine 3+ are more important for this industry, As they will enhance the market.

There tools are a lot easier to develop :)

Misterxmedia: I hate liars!! Hope Japan(Sony) devs will loose everything soon.

Well everything is fine for my future tv intertament with Xbox Next so an older gamer I wish to race and play interesting interactive movie like experience....1 shooter in a year will be enough for me...
People don't understand how 2 8xxxx series you can feet in console and doubt this very high...
what a surprise will they have...also..Are Sony really going 2gigs of ram and change their strategy to a much later ps4 release? Can they not release ps4 at all?
Been 3 days near Arctic Circle...some nice vistas in attachment
Insider: Now I need to clear something up before the none believers call fake on gpu specs.. When I said HD8970 I did not mean they were putting a 8970 gpu in Durango. What  I was saying is the apu plus the costume hd8000 gpu will let the console reach performance levels of the HD8970.  HD8970 is 30/50% more power then the 7970. Also if people think this is not possible don't kid your self's, this is what really is going on, Also Ms are also considering a powerpc chip with apu or a 64bit Amd apu but this will come down to cost assumption vs sale price.  The talk at e3 is that the Amd 64x apu rumor is very true,  But the dev kit that were at e3 had 12gig of ram and only had Powerpc based parts.  Final hardware will defiantly have 8gig of DDr5 ram. So at this point in time the only thing that can change over the next 8 months is the core cpu. The apu and gpu will stay the same and the ram "8gig of ddr5" will stay the same. Also the cpu component will stay the same by specs . Only thing that can change is the cpu "core specs"  also Bluray drives will ship with final hardware.     

Misterxmedia: Will 1 gpu match hd8970 perfomance or what will do 2 gpus combined?
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