Thursday, June 12, 2014

MisterXMedia carnival of leaks. June 5th, 2012.

Here it is folks, more nonsense from or friendly neighborhood bullshitter.  


Insider Daily. X-engine. Finaly. IF Sony will show PS4 MS will show next gen demos
Misterxmedia: Well, i liked what i saw. But fans are a little angry..don't know what they want....Halo 4 is just incredible...X-engine..Finaly. :)
Инсайдер: I can understand Iv heard it for the last 10 min.. But every body's walking around here like why the hell didn't they put 10sec up of this next gen demo's.. But If they did, They would have trouble  selling games on 360. But the word is the big suits at Ms are hearing what fans are saying, There main concern is ps4, And that's 100% it is cos who ever goes forward has to be better then wii u and the next console specs that follow.  I am putting my money on durango.. Sony don't have the financials to put 8 gig in there next console  sorry its the truth the vita is the cost why..  And also the fact that MS ant letting any sony devs in behind stage.. there is security here and they on to who's who, Lets hope sony show ps4 finger crossed :)
I just got told that MS just killed them salves on stage or killed the 360 off so it was put..
 But The halo 4 and forza horizon were the star's of the show... But were in an La developer conference " hotel Room " :)  There is a lot of next gen game "Demos" on display,
Yes Durango hardware is running a re tooled Mw4 demo mind blowing.
Also there is some Sony devs here there talking up a possible showing of ps4 @ sony conference later today...
If That happens All the Microsoft PR guys are talking up Epic's conference as the first public displaying of next gen xbox hardware running developer demos,
 I Think Ms should have showed stuff on stage but That is the final e3 for 360 being the main focus of e3 for future events... But then again cant say I am highly blown away buy wii u graphics so far .. The majority look like mii's stages based games apart from Mario and Zelda :( . But the Nintendo door ant open yet lets hope they look better or sony could take the show .. Which I really hope not.. But my heart hopes they show ps4 .. cos it means come 7th you will see durango Ms will have to show there hands.. And as for Nintendo and there Nintendo pre direct show, Which ripped of both ps3 and xbox control, There is a lot of talk about how  pissed MS/Sony  are it is a bit rude. 
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