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MisterXMedia carnival of leaks. June 3rd, 2012. E3 "leaks" and Smartglass is going to blow the world away...apparently.

Here we go!  Time for some more BS "leaks" from MisterX, this one is from E3 2012.  So much stuff predicted back then that still doesn't exist to this day.  He predicted a new Conker, Perfect Dark, Gears of War 4 and soooo much more.  We are still waiting though. Enjoy!

Insider Daily. Pre E3
Misterxmedia: wow, I am playing gaikai on my old notebook, wild tech, lags and 20 fps on my 15mbps...Xbox smart glass? What is it
for? Wiki gaikai - they say they are for casual flash gamers who want to see what hardcore gaming is about.
Smooth 60fps 1080p your going to need a 60+mbps connection, How Manny country's have that infrastructure, And without drop outs.  Not just that every time you want to enjoy a game you have to be online, constant connection. Subscribe and internet cost will kill a lot of people from really enjoying this feature. While I will say it will be the future for renting games it is not ideal for purchased software.  When servers are switched of your game can never be accessed again, I know a lot of devs and gamers who are bitter sweet about these services,   

"Xbox smart glass? What is it for?"
Ok I am not going into this to much as the NDA is insane on this one.. I will how ever discus how its a future cross platform.
The Technology behind it can be scaled to other devices. It is how ever not the next xbox. It how ever will have a purpose that is ones choice if they decide they need it, I need it :)   I am not going to label it a tablet or 3D virtual reality glass. The software behind it is has many purpose's.  The sample we have seen is amazing when an xbox control is sync with the software. ITs not an xbox lite and its not a vita or 3ds clone.  It could share a very seemlier scenario with wii u, But it could also have other os ability's you will have to read between the lines friend, it is just to risky.
MS should have a good E3 maybe not the best but better then before, And Kinect will show some core ability but it wont be the main focus of the show, But I have heard Ms may not be going next gen but teasing it in something small I just can't say to much. But we have a next gen game on display, But I ant shore if its private only. Not many dev's know what MS is up to.  Here is what I know gears -4 which was meant to be DLC 6 months after gear 3, Forza Horizon and fable and halo 4, GT5, Tomb raider, CODBOPS2,  Final Fantasy 14 "verse"  Sega shenmue HD, Dead space 3,  A new RARE game :) Turn10 New game.
These are the games which could be shown but most of these are migrated to 720 and 360 but 360 version's are down sampled ports now. Epic "Demon" "Gears4" EA "Mirrors edge 2" "battlefield 3 elite" Ubisoft "assassin's creed 5" "Beyond good and evil 2" "FARCRY 3-4" Capcom "The next street fighter series" "Resident evil 6 enhanced" "New Series with cyber ninjas demons"  RARE "New conker" "New Banjo" "Killer Instincts 3" "Perfect dark" "Kameo" "New Adventure Game looks a little like the Zelda sky word sward style adventure. "Kinect sport Olympics"  MS/343/Turn10/Industry "PGR" " NEW 3D 3rd person game set in a future world that's at war kinda like flashback. "Halo anniversary 2"  "HAlo5"  "Dark seal" "Forza 5"  "Turn 10 fps" "A Kinect horror advantage 3D"  "LOST oddasy 2" "Blue dragon 2" "Music land wood stock" 
There is around 170 games I just used a few that I have seen, There are around five new I.Ps coming buy 2015 there will be 10 new I.P from Ms and there first party developers. Ms is going to be purchasing four new developing studio's over the next 6 months and plan to grow there first party studio beyond 2012-15,  :)

P.S. Who understand what beetwin the lines about Smart Glass?
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