Sunday, June 15, 2014

MisterXMedia carnival of leaks. July 15th, 2012. More nonsense about Xbox Surface tablet which will never come because it doesn't exist.

The BS was short and sweet today!

Summer Insider: Will Epic get what they want? xbox720 = 18x360 power? But will that from the start?
Misterxmedia: Here is a question from out readers :)
"so there wll be windows 8 surface
but also there will be xbox branded surface to be used with xbox next

so if they choose amd 64, ther will be still 8 core with 2 of them  16 core
or what ?
and what about thread , with 16 core x 4 thread there will be 64 thread
what about with amd 64, still have 64 thread in xbox next
reduce in performance or still targetting the same as ppc"
Инсайдер: soon :)

3 days later

Insider     This is the console that is going forward.. Epic's design spec.. 18X xbox360

Misterxmedia: So, what will be use case scenarios for end user? Pay 200usd every 2 years in order to take latest version of hardware? And Xbox live will be free inside thouse 2 years contracts?

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