Monday, June 16, 2014

MisterXMedia carnival of leaks. August 5th, 2012. Xbox One is going to be a subscription based system and not for Xbox Live only...

This one still makes me laugh my ass off at the absurdity of what he is suggesting.  See for yourself.  Not a subsidized purchase, but a subscription based console...Pay a subscription for better graphics....yeah he actually suggested this...


Summer Insider: It is a time to move on to a...subscrition based services
Insider: There is so much hardware testing going on right now... Its been locked down the last month because a user decide to try and sell an early dev kit "PC SPEC ONLY". Ms has been scanning every email all new NDA's are in place for nay first party and some 3rd party developers.  The subscription model is a fantastic idea.. Its what google/asus did with the Nexus 7 tablet..  Subside the cost of hardware via software sales. Very angry with the greedy Company's that want to keep software and hardware developing so they can sell old software models to the public.. which will go the way of the dinosaur if they don't learn to adapt...  So if you purchase a console for 199$ and subscribe for 2 years @ 15$ a month you get live for free... the new model of  live will have a 10% increase every month.. But before people start screaming there heads off in rage.. The new model will have games for free every month so 4 games a month and 8 movies is add to the value. Its a better deal then both sony and big n are trying to do.  As for hardware the 720 durango specs are 12/18x xbox360 that is the figure they are aiming for.. Really 10x would be  enough and then live could stream better grahics to hardware like could based gaming by 2015/16.. you wouldn't need a new console.
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