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MisterXMedia carnival of leaks. April 10th, 2012. Xbox One to get more RAM, Dual GPU's and X1 Dual screen support!

Welcome everyone to the "MisterXMedia carnival of leaks." A regularly occurring post on this blog where I highlight some of the crazy shit which MisterX and his gang have reported on in the past. It is astonishing how little that site has really gotten correct, but nonetheless he has a gang of faithful followers that would swear he is Phil Spencer himself. Anyway I wanted to highlight all of the most hilarious and downright ridiculous things he has said in the past so here goes!

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Insider Daily. PS4-70% of capacity following box, Wi U - 30%.
Misterxmedia: I do not understand about the ALU. There will be no CPU from AMD at all? Only GPU? (Power PC core + AMD GPU) x 2? Yet, 4 gig of RAM? But Epic and tearfully begged kraytek more? 
 Ibm and designed the amd cpu it uses the Same as the next fab amd apu. 8 cores power pc .. but its modded with full x86 64bit instrution sets. and on the fab is a 8000hd modded gcn core. there going to be two of these in the next xbox. and 1 Gig of EDram. But this design is not based crossfire . ITS A New Improved design. both GPUs can render any object to Direct BUSS and cpu. there is no latancy.
Here is an example ... 
if the gpu 1 is rendering a box gpu 2 can do textures while the shaders can also do genreal purpose processing.
The gpu's are not just single core gpus .. there are 2 gpu cores per apu. which equals 4 cores for gpu but this second cores are all most like the xenos duaghter die. it contains Extra core Logic. 
The ram is 4gig 2gig per apu Total this is more then enough ... Dice / wanted epic A faster Cpu / gpu They Got it .. They wanted more then 2 gig of ram so it was doubled.they also wanted 16gig if ram. but it Could happen but Only as an Upgrade later. 
problem is the price this Box Will Cost $ 499 at Retail, but ITS going to Other Leave every console in ITS Wake. ps4 is About 70% wii u 30% . It will last 8 years Graphicly.Misterxmedia: Strangely, PS4 power will be 70% of capacity at the beginning of Xbox ... the next generation or too late? Who will succumb to the best optimizitsii and scalability and parallelism? I think the new Xbox will have fewer bottlenecks and developers will be better able to download all of his iron.Therefore, the difference by the end of generation should be more. Insider:Ps4 Will still do farly well ... it does have ITS sdf Girls fan ;) no no ..

The design is so optimization will not be need for a very long time. games will just run well .. altho 4k res games wont be native. they will all be upscaled from1980. 1680.
The new upscaler chip .. hana 2 is an amazing chip .. its not really called hana 2 A name but just some Devs throw around. 
One thing thats Will be on alot of Peoples Mind is surround gaming. the console will have a multi display port adapter with up too three screens per console.
Now the gpu is 8000 based but dose have higher feature set. but the chip is designed to have firmware updates that will add features. new shader new partical mapping. but the coolest thing of all is the specialized raytrace hardware. This graphics feature should be on every gamers mind. just like c1 both apus will have raytracing rendering capabiltys. 4 cores per apu can aid the raytracing hardware. which is a massive rendering farm. Thats 32 threads. 4000GB There is A / s or 4 terabytes of rendering to the buss .. alot more then the 256 . The 360.
In general, from what I understand, the new box: 
- CPU - Joint development of AMD and IBM, based on the Power PC, 8 cores with instructions x86 (yes, yes Power PC and x86), 64-bit, 4 flow commands core - 2 pcs 
- GPU - AMD 8000 series, modified, with the possibility of an instruction set extension, two cores in each chip - 2 pcs. 
- CPU + GPU concatenated into a single logical unit - all of these blocks - 2. they do not unite on the basis of Crossfire in GPU, and invented a new way, completely parallel in terms of memory access and exchange the tires. 
- Memory 4 Gb (2 GB for each set of CPU + GPU). eventually it will be possible to increase the video memory using expansion cards to extend the life of the console, asMemory is no longer set for reasons of price, made ​​redundant power CPU + GPU instead. But Blurs left. 
- 1 Gb EDRAM, bandwidth 4000 gbit / sec (in the current box 256.) 
- blur SSD + 
- support 3 monitors from a single console, support 4k permits (native 1980 or 1680) to 4k - upscale using chip "hana 2" 
- 3D chip 
- 2.0 Kinect hybrid control (think add a button). Previously reported pro glove to force feedbacks and the button will not only be possible but glove and vests with dedication for shooters as an accessory. 
- USD 3.0, 
- 8 years at a level of graphics with PC. Laid excess capacity. PS4 - 70% power sleschuyuschego Boxing, Wii U - 30%. 
- $ 499 at launch, Software: - Xbox Live 3.0, - backward and forward compatibility of games (not all). Some of the latest Xbox 360 games running on the new box will have better graphics, - IMO - with opportunities for integration with Steam or analogue for the shared library with Pc games (not all). - shop, audio, video, TV, movies. 200 (in the U.S.) media companies will have their own specialized applications - Integration with telephone, TV, tablet and PC, - control through gestures and voice


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