Thursday, June 5, 2014

MisterXMedia carnival of leaks. April 1st, 2012. Xbox Pad, $600, 3D Support, Cross platform buy. Forward compatibility!...

Welcome everyone to the "MisterXMedia carnival of leaks." A regularly occurring post on this blog where I highlight some of the crazy shit which MisterX and his gang have reported on in the past. It is astonishing how little that site has really gotten correct, but nonetheless he has a gang of faithful followers that would swear he is Phil Spencer himself. Anyway I wanted to highlight all of the most hilarious and downright ridiculous things he has said in the past so here goes!

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Rumor: Microsoft develops tablet Xbox Pad with a touch force feedback technology.
My friend i cannot talk about (MS Sony or NIN man) give a leak considering upcoming Xbox Pad from Microsoft. Yes, it is in development. Remember back in October Epic's Mark Rein allready Told us About tablet xbox. 983/news/xbox-tablet-mark-rein-shares-hi s-vision /  That WAS in order to See people's Reaction as I've Been Told by my Source. Now I know some specs. They are here: - Touch screen Technology feedback. Similar to this. BTW, iPad 3 will have it too.

- True graphics power horse. The power will be on a level between Xbox 360 and Xbox Next. 
- Purchase one game - play it on 360, xbox pad, xbox next. Yes, forward compatibility 

- Possible E3 announce. 
- 3d Support, 2 Cameras. 
- nice slim design. 
- Deep integration with xbox Live and xbox. 
- xbox Pad + xbox + windows phone = Complete gaming universe. 
- $ 600 price tag at start. 
- ship in 2012.
IPad in my Opinion is Doomed as A hardcore gaming platform. Come back this letter Week. i know more amazing leaks to share with you.


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