Monday, June 2, 2014

Dearest Smash_Mouth...I had NOTHING to do with fool.

I am really not sure how I am being branded anything for any of this.  I have been writing about MisterXmedia and he merry clan of dumb dumbs for about 3-4 months now.  Since even before I created my silly little blog here.  So for this foolish guy smash_mouth to say that I am suddenly attacking MisterX for fame is simply laughable.  No one gave me a chance either.  I think you can search my post history on that site and see that I was nothing but skeptical since the first day I stumbled across that site.  I only started writing about my skepticism here, because it was not welcome there.  That is the only reason this blog started mentioning the name MisterX.

Sure, being banned made me a little more devoted to pointing out the ridiculous shit I will admit that.  I am not going to feel bad about that though.  When someone is wrong they deserve to be noted as such.  You don't get to claim you were right once and ignore the hundreds of times you were wrong.  That is not how it works.

So feel free to be upset.  Just know that the fact YOU are writing about ME says more than ME writing about YOU.  In your big pool of Xbox news I am a nobody and yet here you are acknowledging little old me.

I am flattered.


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