Thursday, June 5, 2014

Learn how Bing Rewards pays for my Xbox Live subscription every month!

OK, First things first:
  • YES, Bing Rewards will allow you to get Xbox Live for free every month.
  • NO, you cannot get it by just using Bing on your computer instead of Google.
How it works:
You go to Bing and do 30 searches. You will earn 1 credit per 2 Bing searches up to 15 credits a day. So, you do the math. If you do your 30 searches every day you will gain 465 points in a 31 day month. To get the free month of Xbox Live you will need 699 points (679 when you reach gold status).
Using only Bing on your desktop you could get a month of Xbox Live for free every 47 days. The people who are telling you they get it free every month are putting in a little more effort than just using Bing.
If all you want to do is use Bing on your desktop and do 30 quick random searches a day you will be able to get basically 2 months free every 3 months (You will still come up short by 3 points).
Here is how you can do it:
I want 2 months free out of every 3 months!
  • 1) Join Bing Rewards[1] 
  • 2) Every day go and do 30 different searches on Bing.
  • 3) Every day go to your Rewards Dashboard[2] and click on a few of the Earn and Explore things that are there. This will give you a few extra points so you do not come up 3 points short and also fill in for those months without 31 days.
I want EVERY month of Xbox Live Free!
  • 1) Do everything from above as well as the following:
  • 2) Install Bing Mobile[3] for your smartphone.
  • 3) Do 20 searches with your smartphone every day for an additional 10 points.


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