Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Writing from paradise. What a strange world!

When I first set out and created this blog my intention was to write about videogames.  I really didn't have any official plan or anything, but in my head I told myself that is what I was going to do.  Well--throw that about the window.  At least for today anyway.  I wanted to write today about the experience I have had with my first time traveling.  I grew up in Minnesota and never really ever left.  I have been as far as South Dakota when it comes to straying away from home, but that is the extent of my travels.  Needless to say that I have not traveled very far from home in my life.  Not for any real reason.  I have no fear of flying.  I am not scared of being away from home.  It just never happened.

As life happens things like traveling tend to get thrown on the back burner.  I don't know about other people, but traveling to places far away from home was always put on the back burner after I got all other things in my life taken care of.  This time it worked out though that one of the most major things in my life brought me to Nassau, Bahamas.  I got married back in August!  We initially wanted to go right after our wedding, but being from Minnesota I convinced my now wife to wait for the frigid weather before we left to go on our trip.

We arrived here today around 3PM EST.

Since landing on the island I have quickly realized that this is absolutely NOT America. Sure, the people speak English and the majority of people here are actually from America, but this place is something special.  That crazy sense of being in a constant hurry that I have grown accustomed to in Minnesota is completely gone while I have been here.  The people never seem to have anything more important going on.  I do not mean that as an insult.  In fact, I mean that as a genuine compliment.  The people here in Nassau seem to be present in the moment.  They seem to be happy in the moment.  They appear to have only the task as hand as their main concern and I absolutely admire that!

I know that life on this island is much different than what I have experienced here on this resort.  Not 3 miles from here there are some pretty rough slums that are not hidden in any way.  They are not ashamed of them.  They will not change the subject when it comes up in conversation.  Rather they will bring it up and just politely say that those people are in need of help.  They show pity, but do not want you to pity them.  The people on this island seem to treat their problems as theirs and theirs alone.  It is a strange change of mentality from what we see in America.

Things seem to be slower here.  I had a conversation about this with one of the guests on the resort that I am staying on and he said that one of the local people basically said that they do not need to be in a hurry because there is nowhere to go.  The island is 7 miles wide by 21 miles long.  Where on earth would someone be in a hurry to go when they are restricted to such a small place?

Life on this island is different.  In many ways different is for the better.  Since arriving here I have come to realize that this place has far less laws than America does.  They allow people to walk down the street with a cup or can of beer.  You can smoked indoors. You can even barter for store prices!  Things seem to not be so set in stone here because the people here seem to be more open to making you happy than anything.  Sure that shirt might be $20, but if they can sell it to you for $15 and still turn a profit then they are more than happy to do that around here.  Island life seems to be much more simplistic and I can really respect that.  I am hoping to learn a lot more in the next 5 days that I will be here.

I hope you all have a great week!



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