Sunday, February 2, 2014

Welcome to my own little pathetic blog.

I will tell you all right up front that I really have no clue what I am doing. I have no plan and this was all pretty much created on an impulse. How is that for honesty; eh?

I wanted to create a blog because I do enjoy to write and I also enjoy playing videogames. I figured I might as well put my efforts to good use and put my words down on e-paper so other people can read them (albeit unlikely anyone will care.). As I said I really have no plan for what I am doing here, but I do want to try and do a few things. Whether or not they come to fruition is completely up to my ambition and how much I want to put into this whole crazy experiment I am putting on here.

If I do continue to stick with this blog you will likely see me posting some videos of gameplay and even some impressions of games that I have been playing. I don't intend to do anything like full blown reviews because honestly I find them to be pointless. Take a look at the reaction to any given review from IGN or any other site and you would already know that to be true. Any bad reviews are bias and any good reviews certainly mean that someone was paid a large sum of cash to say good things about the game. Since, you know, that is how everyone is so certain that the gaming industry works for every single game.

Other than videos and impressions I don't see much else going on with this blog. At least not for a while. With the beginning of this new console generation I have had a reinvigoration of my desire to play videogames so I figured it would be [mostly] harmless to create my own blog. If not to spew my own brand of internet stupidity maybe just an outlet for all of my frustrations which are sure to come from the long generation of gaming we have ahead of us.

Anyway; that is my plan for this little blog we've got here. The less you expect the better off we will all be. Who am I kidding. No one is going to be reading this. I will just sit here in solitude with my thoughts now.



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