Thursday, May 22, 2014

Smartglass is going to become VITAL

I can share a bit of information today with you guys about the June update.  There are 2 more major things that are going to be a part of it.  I'll tell you about the first one because it is not really a secret.  Or at least it doesn't appear to be.  A bunch of employees already have it for testing.

Smartglass is gonna become much more central in the Xbox experience.  If you don't have it on your Windows 8 PC or smartphone yet I can guarantee you that you will following the June update!  After June you'll be able to connect to your Xbox from any internet network.  You are going to be able to fully control your Xbox One system from anywhere so long as it is in standby mode.  This is update 1 of 4 for the app which will ultimately end in you being able to play games from your smart devices in the future.  There are a few ID@Xbox games launching that you will be able to play remotely on your smartphones in the beginning.  I saw Nutjitsu played remotely.  They were connecting with a console on the East coast and it works well. That is not coming in June though.

Some of the things we've been able to test out are the ability to better manage storage from anywhere and initiate downloads from anywhere.  In fact I was out of storage when I wanted to install Wolfenstein and was able to delete FIFA & Madden to make room for it.  Basically the intent is to have Smartglass become the Google Play store of the Xbox One.  Has a little way to go, but it is working well thus far.

Second thing which I am certain will make jaws fall to the floor I cannot speak about.  A bunch of us have suspicion they've told different groups of people different details about it.


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