Wednesday, May 28, 2014

PS4 has already been hacked!

I cannot believe this has happened already.  The PS4 has been hacked!  How in the hell does a company apparently make their security so poorly that it can happen in such short time?  I do not get it.  Granted, I am not a security expert, but I do not have to be to know that this is pretty damn pathetic on the part of Sony.  Even more pathetic this isn't even the first confirmed report of it!  It was allegedly hacked back in February already!

I am not sure if this is real or fake, but it made me laugh nonetheless.

"It is not maybe an experience that is for all gamers. There is a dedicated number of gamers for who it very facinating when some clever tech head manages to jailbreak a latest. When the PS3 was released a lot was made of the consoles resitance to being hacked but this all went out of the window once a simple method was made public. The simplicity of the hack that came meant that a lot of people found themselves hacking their consoles just for the fun of it.

Now we’ve had the PS4 for a few months one thing that seems to pop up on almost a daily basis is if anyone has so far managed to jailbreak the Playstation 4? Now some people have said that it is flat out impossible to jailbreak the Playstation 4 as there is simply no way for a person to do this. Whether true or not there are already some talk of a working jailbreak for the PS4. In most cases these turn out to be nothing but elaborate hoaxes. Now let’s say that not all people who want to jailbreak a console do so with the intent to run pirated software. The majority of jailbreakers of course are only interested in playing the latest games for free on their consoles.

Even at this early stage it does seem that any PS4 hack that does come out will not be as simple to execute as the one for the PS4. But of course that could change over night. Sony are simply crazy to think that someone will not figure out a somewhat simple solution to get into the Playstation 4 and mess around with is insides. The future of the PS4 looks to be another interesting chapter in the console hacking story. What will be Sony response this time and what measures do they already have in place to combat this.

An interesting time ahead in the PS4′s life."


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