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MisterXMedia carnival of leaks. March 4th, 2012. Steambox, PGR, KI3 and more!

Welcome everyone to the "MisterXMedia carnival of leaks."  A regularly occurring post on this blog where I highlight some of the crazy shit which MisterX and his gang have reported on in the past.  It is astonishing how little that site has really gotten correct, but nonetheless he has a gang of faithful followers that would swear he is Phil Spencer himself.  Anyway I wanted to highlight all of the most hilarious and downright ridiculous things he has said in the past so here goes!

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March 4th, 2012

MIsterx: A steam box? Do not want and will never buy any pc game related stuff anymore
Инсайдер:  Hi ... steambox .. is an app that will be coming to xbox720 and ps4.. it will allow these consoles pc games as an option. as all next gen consoles have x86 instruction sets .. they will run games @720/1080p with ease..  now that sony's sdk is using amd cpu/gpu.. They are both universal.
They problem with sony cidian.. its more or less a copy of ms . 3d kinect style Motion control is a ripp off with move add in. personally im disapointed in sony.. Vita on the other hand is the sony i want yo believe in. :) .. Vita is a good concept and its really powerfull but durango concepts much more 6x cpu with 8 core is about 80% more powerfull and packs a true full hd screen.. 1 gig of system ram + 512 of vram. 8 gig of internal storage with micro sd up to 64gig +
I v seen alot of test demo of main platform durango conept .. we had people in london.. its amazing how much better things are going to look in 2013..  final hardware will be way above sdk from last year.. in london  they were talking about 8gig of ram. 12 core cpu. 8 core gpu.  there trying to get a 22nm fabed cpu/gpu that uses 60watts each cut.  design could be 6x cpu cores 4x gpu cores x 2 in durango platform concept. m are really pushing out sdk designs. Iv seen the unreal 4 demo amazing but its only running on early jan sdk. which is 12x 360 . The final specs coulf be 22x 360.. Ms will make money straght out the door thanks to the forward compatability with apps games.. and every tv company wants there stuff on the box.. Samsung has designed the enhanced 3d engia with amd so 3d will huge next gen.  Pgr looks amazing no it looks photo real

Инсайдер: Now i cant give you 100% truth.. only 100% truth but you must sort through this to find the truth. nda's are getting put every wear.. so im telling you the truth just not 100% plain wrighting..
as for durango its not just one concept. but multi concepts designed around one concept... now there are two sdk's out right now but both are durango concepts.. but both are new ways to play but both are one in nature. :)
KI3, gdc
Misterx: Wait..there is steam box pictures around...that is just a PC spec? not exacly a console for TV?
- Steam box - (too?) Application for next-generation consoles. Runs games on x86, Sony now benefit at normal architecture. 
- Sony makes ala 3d kinekt with muvom. 
- Durango-name architecture around which will be done multiple platforms - xbox next, xbox Portativka (tablet likely), xbox tv). 
- Durango Portativka - Full HD up to 60% more power to the Xbox 360, more powerful Vita, 1 gig of ram, 512 vram, micro sd. 
- Durango regular console - goal MS - 22nm tech. process, power 22x xbox 360, January prototype - 12x xbox 360 because smaller nuclei, because of those. process 32 mn. 
- KI3 at GDC.


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