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MisterXMedia carnival of leaks. March 5th, 2012.

Welcome everyone to the "MisterXMedia carnival of leaks."  A regularly occurring post on this blog where I highlight some of the crazy shit which MisterX and his gang have reported on in the past.  It is astonishing how little that site has really gotten correct, but nonetheless he has a gang of faithful followers that would swear he is Phil Spencer himself.  Anyway I wanted to highlight all of the most hilarious and downright ridiculous things he has said in the past so here goes!

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Insider Daily. Как получить 2GB из 512Mb? Xbox 360 знает как.
Misterx: Wow@halo!!! 1600x900!! X-engine, 99% Xbox power! Waited 2 years from your first talk about x-engine to fully see it. thank you for sharing your knowledge :)

It  scales between 1280x720 and 1600x900  YES YES HALO HD. :) And yes xbox 360 is maxed out well there is always stuff that can be done.. lets say 96% maxed out.. But you haven't seen  campaign  graphics yet...  There way better then MP maps. It's not double but it does feel like it... there is over 40 enemy's on screen  and yes 60fps.. Also  It will take 3rd party a little bit to reach this level.. But this game is 100% forward compatibility with x720.. There is more code in this game then what is in halo 3 and reach combined. 
This level of detail will keep xbox360 selling well for some time ,, But it will not slow down 720 momentum there will be an overlap at the end of this year or early next year.  Iv heard to day that Rare may not be showing there two games @ GDC 2012.
Which I hope is rouging as I want you to see KI 3  Master chef is going to be in the reboot... Well the spartan way :)

Инсайдер: Also before you ask...
The logic in the chips has been updated with better stream in and this will allow  4x aa @ 720p or 1600x900 @ 2Xaa There is a new imaging tech been used in rendering backgrounds.. Which has freed  up 35% of performance over Reach and  allowed the textures to stream in at 10.1 direct x or as close to dx11 standard. This will give the game a sharp and very smooth feel over any other game to date.. .. But full Hdd install will be required to access these features. Forza Horizon will use this new core logic kernel. This is the most optimization that has been produced on any console this is down to raw coding to metal. Buy using the HDD the team have manged to gain around 60% performance in memory access by caching the HDD as memory pools.. Which acts as if the 360 has 2gig of ram installed.. 

well its a tech that acts as if you are emulating 2 gig of ram they could have gone to 4 or even 8. But stability courses screen tearing in the frame buffer. And they need that extra load for forge and video saving.. So the unified ram is consistently 95% under load. While streaming in to gpu/cpu  pools..  The HDD drive bus is direct to the system buss..  In a real world every 60gig hdd could emulate up to 8 gig of ram which could very well be possible. but the main system  Memory cant seem to keep up with full stream in. A 20gig hd can only emulate 2gig max That is the real cap. NO HDD NO HALO4.  This is the level that ps3 will not reach.. But they also use a very cloned approach.. like the last of us. But there stuck with a max of 256mb under this approach. 
This tech will be how all future xbox games are developed. Well the core ones really.. :)  The next gen console will come shipped with 256gig and 512gig Hdd ... If I was to give you an idea of how much performance they have pulled out of this hardware. You would have 3.5X xbox 360 Buy optimization..   Next gen will rely heavily on optimization in mind.  Even tho the console will be 12/15 x 360 in its current graphic's level it would be possible to get up to 4X the performance over head via smart optimization. equaling to 30X more performance at 80% load  theoretically specking tho so if 720 ships with say 15X performance unoptimized of xbox360.. then over 7 years with optimization they could get 3x or even up to 4x the hardware performance.. This would equal  50X xbox360 Graphics levels.. That is the idea..  We have seen this develop with the 360 over the last 6 years.. look at halo 3 vs halo 4 its like there not even on the same console.  The biggest Mistake Ms made this gen was not putting out all sku to retail with a 20 or even 40 gig hdd.. And its only now that the console will shine over all others. I know wiiu is shipping with a small Hdd a big mistake from my point of view.. It will cut back what the console can really do.  I hope that Nintendo moves with an external Hdd with direct buss port integration.  But 720p to 1080p is still going to show a leap over what 360 can do but 360 should still have some wow moments over the next few years.  :)

Инсайдер: Don't quote me on the 60FPS.. TO be Frank That was development kit.. and there was forward compatibility discussions going on every thing else is fact tho.. Bu tall party will denies To many tech NDA's out in the open..

Misterx: there is confirmed 60 fps on neogaf by 343i dev.
Well, what do we have...Sony will have more ram, but xbox will more efficent on every $ and can be upgraded later in 6 or 7 year of it's live.
From marketing stand of view it will not help sell xboxes if it will have only 4 gb of ram...Microsoft is in a little trouble here. They should solve this problem somehow.
Also PC + PS4 with the same SDK means that Xbox next will not be the main platform and devs will not fully utilize uniq xbox next architecture...only hope on MS's first party.
PS4 will be big and cost more it will have 3d kinect like with a button - that is a very good i think...MS have another problem here i guess..they need a button too to get hardcore public on 3d controllers...
the future in not so bright can they win easy...they can't. that it sad because Ms brand has very low loyality
the ace is xbox live with xbox tv and media content...but there is apple tv in the box...very complicated...


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