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MisterXMedia carnival of leaks. March 5th, 2012. X1 4GB RAM, Steambox App, Cell Processor.

Welcome everyone to the "MisterXMedia carnival of leaks."  A regularly occurring post on this blog where I highlight some of the crazy shit which MisterX and his gang have reported on in the past.  It is astonishing how little that site has really gotten correct, but nonetheless he has a gang of faithful followers that would swear he is Phil Spencer himself.  Anyway I wanted to highlight all of the most hilarious and downright ridiculous things he has said in the past so here goes!

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March 5th, 2012

Misterx:  But how is that possible Sony will use MS's tech as which you told MS do with AMD sinse 2005 and it allready costs 1 billion USD?
AMD kick Microsoft ass?

Misterx: Wait Steam Box is just a PC unified specs.
So it is also real. Not just an app.
Инсайдер: Steam box... or the console from valve.. is not a console.. it is only a certified pc.. it wont have ms.. sony.. or Nintendo games. or apple ios games...  The rumor's are not 100% fact.. I have seen  the steam box. but it was more of a certified pc to run a very stripped down version of steam app. What was demoed on the unit will becoming to XBOX amd Sony.  

They only used there own box to show how the app was going to run on unannounced platforms.   
As for SOny stealing tech from Ms the same could be said about Nintendo they use AMD parts.. But Ms does have specialized  parts And Amd wont be stepping on Ms toes.. = Windows 8.  MS have designed a soc that is way more advanced then what sony has planed.. Even tho the gpu might be in the same ratio.. its MS that have really spent time designing a reliable SOC that is way in font of a x86 cpu with bolt on gpu.. there is a lot of bottle necks in regards to building a pc in a box.. It uses more power the components are larger. And you don't have total control over the chip ingratiate. "XBOX 1"  
Sony Have done a great job with vita.. But its also off the shelve parts..  Ms have worked on this tech for years .. they signed AMD 5 years ago to help design the tech with IBM.. Every step of the way has been tested and tried.. The test have been out in the public hands for the last 5 years  xbox 360 to xbox360/s .. As for Sony they have dropped there whole cell design. That would cost a lot to do.. If  I ran Sony I would have kept working on CEll, ps4 could have had a cell with 8 cores and 60 threads. But Sony also knows that the cost to develop on that would not be cost effective.  So Of the Shelve parts is going to bring heat more power and a big case at lunch.But 8 gig of, off the shelf Ram will not be the same as specialized Ram that is only 4 gig..  So we may see more ram in ps4 then 720 but its not direct to buss or specialized.  But you might say that it will be fast enough.. But optimization will be the cost.. in 3 years when the rival console starts looking like a next gen and your having to sacrifice ai.physics . texture quality.  
Other dev's are thinking the same thing.  Tho it's never going to be  an easy win for MS with apple, Nintendo, Valve :) and sony . Will just have to sit back and wait a few months :) 


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