Tuesday, May 13, 2014

MisterX/"Insider" does nothing more than cold-reading to make E3 Predictions.

I think it is pretty obvious the MisterX is a joke at this point.  I go to his blog whenever he has a new post, but the stuff he is saying is so utterly ridiculous that believing it would make me question the intelligence of anyone who does.  I've even taken it upon myself to email a few people who have been publicly verified just to ask them what they think internally about this MisterX guy.  As expected I got limited replies, but one guy did say that while they appreciate having such a dedicated fan and the slides he links are real his conclusions are outlandish.  The actual quote was "The slides that he posts are facts, as most of them they are obtained from legitimate sources. His analysis and conclusions however, are often outlandish." In the spirit of 2014 industry insiders I am not going to post proof of the conversation because well--I do not have to.

So in that spirit let me break down the nonesense MisterX has posted this time around from his "insider.":

: Is HBM inside Xbox One for additional RAM? :) Can you talk more about this? In the past you told there is 500+gb/s memory system on xbox one And this research based on that info by Mistercteam and later by Srenia Ia.

"Insider": Hbm I cant speak directly on this other then you are in the right direction. And common sense is required to look at the lines.. and iv told you there is more memory then what has been released. But the console wasn't meant to launch till late 2014.. e3 should bring this "extra" function.. but only in small incentives..

now the e3 leaks are not 100% correct. Things are changing there drafting idea's.. its all up in the air..the games that are in dev and are up for show there is so many rumours and everything is in lock down due to leaks. (And yet you know all this how?)

- Remedy Entertainment quantum brake mind blown/ and assurance that alan wake has start development. (Minds were already blown last E3, this is a nothing statement)
- Ms games studio 343 halo 2 anniversary avaliable soon! (Long rumored before you said anything.)
- Epics 3rd/1st person hybrid. "S.a.m.t.n"
- Horizon 2 / pgr 5 to devs (Horizon 2 was LONG rumored. PGR 5 Will not release since Forza is dominant and PGR is a first party title.)
- Crytek 1st person shooter number 4 (Crytek is working on a shooter? OMG!  Dude, they ALWAYS are.)
- Grasshopper I haven't seen this but I am told it is the lollipop chainsaw sequel. And is apart of the Japanese push. (You mean Grasshopper, a Japanese Studio, are working on a title as part of the Japanese push?  Say it isn't so! How enlightening!!!)
- Capcom resident evil ... and a monster hunter esquire game.. seeing how deep down is ps4 timed exclusive. (Resident Evil is LONG rumored.  The rest is just throw away bullshit, but OK.)
- Rare has two games but one of them is developed in conjunction with capcom. The other is a first person shooter. There will also be trailers for other rare games but there only just started heavy development so wont be released till late 2015/16. Its more of a fan service to keep minds at ease. (Rare is rumored to be working on a first person shooter?  
- Sega has a new sonic project. And iv heard of some type of sega all stars sort of game.. not sure if on show tho. And an rpg reboot not shinmue related. (Sega are rumored to be working on the games Sega always has?  HOW REVEALING!"
- Black tusk just gow announcement and a small cgi trailer with 2 min of game play very early in development. 2016 (NO SHIT, they just got on the project in January!)
- Ubisoft ac5 .. Division xbox one lead platform.. I have heard this also. (Fanboy Fodder, non-statement)
- Ms has a new Japanese 1st party studio. Not many people know what is coming from there .. but its is rumoured to be a big rpg franchise. But iv heard not lo2 :( (Easy to make claims on something no one knows about or has heard about I suppose.  I bet $50 you're wrong.)
- Now platinum games has two games one is heavily exclusive and is re imaged for today standards. I am told scifi rpg set in a esquire fantasy worlds. the other is ether mgsr2 or there totally new concept. Iv also heard crazy stuff which is hard to believe that bn2 is timed exclusive now and then will become multi platform. And that this is due to brake downs between big n and p+.. Nintendo are not keeping developers in the loop with new hardware emerging concepts.
- Bethesda fallout 4 (Longtime hope/rumor)
- Biowear mess effect 4 .. and remaster of 123. (Long time hope/rumor.)
- Valhalla Game Studios devils 3rd... the last 24 hours I have heard exclusive to x1 and pc... (This has been rumored for over a month now.  If you only heard it in the last 24 hours you hae your head up your ass.)
- Id4 Doom4
- valve multi plat left for dead 3. (A major long rumored gaming franchise coming to all platforms?  You are truely a insider!)
- Ninja theory . Enslaved 2. Multi not sure how far in dev. I have heard people say this could be mistaken for heavily sword 2. But others have said Enslaved 2.
- Rock star games red dead redemption 2 and gta5 remastered. Every body is pushing for agent.. but rumours are that agent is gta6 and set back in london and you can fly to two different continents. Also talks of manhunt inspired action horror game. (GTA5 is LOOOOONG rumored and even expected after it was a smashing success.  Red Dead Redemption is long rumored as their current game.  Sorry, but you get no point for either of these.)
- lionhead studios. Fable 4 .. they may not talk about risk .. a scifi rpg due to wanting to show off fable 4 it is amazing very pixar. (You know full well they are going to show off Fable 4, so you can make the other claim to cover your own ass when you are undoubtedly wrong.  Way to go genius.)
- Xbox minis / indie games. I only know there are hundreds so a montage trailer. (Xbox platform will have lots of indie games.........good to know......)
- kojima mgs5 and reassurance. (Kojima is going to cover MGS5 at E3 this year on Xbox One just like he did last year....uh, no shit?)
- Squresoft tomb Raider sequel / final fantasy playable. (Tomb Raider Sequel is expected and Final Fantasy being playable is also expected.  You get zero credit.)
- Avalanche studio. Justcause 2(misterx: must be a typo?) (It is WELL KNOWN that they are working on Mad Max at the moment.  I question your knowledge as an insider HEAVILY at this point.)

Now the big big rumours and if you read this I am not going to be held accountable for these so if you are looking for 100% you may be disappointed or you may be surprised.

Ok !!

- Sega and Yu Suzuki and Microsoft studio have come to an agreement to joint publish and fund the development of shenmue sequel.. people have claimed that the project has been in test phase for over 12 months.. there pushing for a living inspired reality. The game will be a major aaaa platform that will push Augmented reality. And a test demo has been shown to select few. This test demo was hybrid controller/kinect and people could talk to the character in the shops.. the A.r was immersion because the camera could be 3rd or 1st person. Items could be interacted with and the glasses saw the controller as the item they had in there hand. A mobile phone that the devs had in the game had been remapped with an app.. and the real phone could take images which then could be viewed in the game... all tech demo stuff.. game release is 2016 late. (This has been long hoped and rumored.  So throw in a few bits about business agreements and augmented reality to just make it seem extra juicy.  Nice work, but when you are wrong about the augmented reality you can just say they weren't ready to announce what is likely Forteleza Glasses.  So you can be completely wrong while being right as well.  Nice way to cover your ass yet again.)

- Now the second big rumour and probably more so is the true sequel to final fantasy 7 .. or the remake.. this I have been told is really happening and could possibly be the big surprise of e3.. I have not seen this but there is two projects linked to this game. (Ok then, so when they do not announce anything you are going to refer to your intital safety clause where it was subject to change?)

The first rumor!! it would be to hard to make a true remake of ff7 with next generation gfx.. so they have retooled and remade the first game.. all the models have been remade all the background gfx have been re- imaged all cgi made new.. so basically a true remake but same design.. like halo combat evolved .. a new coat of paint. Also there are talks of making a true bunch of final fantasy old style Japanese rpg with this engine..

now there will be a spin off .. and it will be a an action game very much like crisis core.. .. and this game has been in dev for some time.. fans of ff7 will have to take what they get.

- Now Microsoft game studio rumours. Halo 5 ... I have seen this.. 1080p 60fps and really has them Hollywood big block buster special effects... But people are saying its shipping next year.. there is just to many games coming out in the launch window 2014.
And two halos in one year is dramatic. I asked if it will be at e3 in playable or in trailer form.. and the answer was may be.  (1080p 60fps.  OK, if it doesn't come out at that then obviously it was changed after you saw it?  I hope just for the sake of saying you are utterfly full of shit that it doesn't end up being that.)

Other stuff that is tipped to be there is..
- phantom dust 2.. (Long rumored)
- crackdown three.. (LONG rumored)
- blue dragon (Unlikely, but possible.)
- and lo 2 in some form. (So when they make a JRPG you're going to call that LO2 "in some form?"  
- An xbox party game also. (So, just like every other E3 then?)

and there is also talk of a major 3rd party purchase on the horizon. (Yeah, they aren't going to talk about that at E3, but if Microsoft buys ANY company you are going to take credit.  Newsflash, Microsoft is ALWAYS buying companies. )

- Other stuff is rumoured is 360 emulation will be available and halo A2 available to download directly after e3. (Not sure how this is rumor.  Emulation either IS or is NOT.  By now it either works or it doesn't.

- Beem turns new mobile devices into mini xbox 1 handhelds. The first game to use this is Rip tide 6 players Many other to follow.. xbox party game is meant to use this. (This was in that roadmap leaked almost 4 years ago.  GTFO you are ridiculous.)

- now ryse 2 ... hhmmm ? Its locked for discussion. But they did say open world like halo 5 and the witcher 3. So could mean anything really. :) (You didn't hear this within the walls of Microsoft.  You heard it on the internet a month ago like everyone else.)

As you can imagine it is bizarre this time of year.. leaks rumours... other stuff .. this is all that has been discussed but I would definitely expect that kinect reveal sort of surprise adlest 2x .
remember it about the hardcore :)

And I didn't go into tv stuff or the kinect stuff ether.m. I thought it would be better to discuss what could or couldn't happen and what is but I will let you decide. As its better to have something then nothing when going into a concreted jungle ..

Misterx: Wow, that a lot of juicy info. Like a boss!

"Insider": This should give you an idea Still more to come. :)

Long story short if this person is actually an insider (They're most certainly not). They are not getting their information first hand that is very obvious.  Getting studios wrong and "leaking" games that are well known about pretty much invalidated anything else he said.  95% of his information I could find on the internet already and the other parts are where he says they are "rumors" which will possibly change.  That way when he is no doubt wrong he can say that it was moved out of the conference last minute.  Sounds like nothing more than the gaming equivilent of cold-reading like those asshole televangelists do to speak with dead folks while ripping people off.


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