Monday, May 19, 2014

MisterX is full of shit; as if you needed me to even say that though.

I am not going to lie I use to go to MisterX's site as part of my daily routine of checking out the news.  I did file it in my take with a silo of salt category, but I did go there nonetheless.  Over time I made an attempt at figuring out what the hell this guy was actually predicting because I honestly did not know.  I am not as computer tech-smart as those guys are.  I cannot calculate gigaflops and teraflops.  I couldn't tell you bandwidth numbers of GDDR3 RAM versus GDDR5.  I tried to understand it, but I am just not that informed on computer technology.  I then came to a hilarious realization.  That is exactly why MisterX gets any attention at all!

MisterX is preaching to an ignorant group of people who are also crazy insecure about their purchase of an Xbox One.  I recognize that now because on some level even I was insecure at one point and time.  I can honestly say that I am not anymore and that is perhaps why I recognize just how utterly full of shit the guy is.  It is easy to believe numbers when you don't know what they represent.  It is easy to convince oneself that the photographs and slides he is presenting are irrefutable facts, but the reality is that the guy doesn't have a clue what he is talking about.  I even reached out to a person who was publicly verfied to be an Xbox One Developer.  I asked him specifically about MisterX.  Take a look at his reply.

"Hey I have been keep up with you on Reddit for quite a while and I just wanted to finally ask you something about the Xbox One. I don't really expect to get a response to be honest, but I figured I would try anyway.
There is this blog, MisterX. It is largely a laughing stock as far as I can tell, but I was curious what a developer like you thinks about it. Do you consider it more or less a joke?" ~DollMytee

"Sorry for the late reply, I don't really log onto this account anymore.
MisterX is hit or miss. The slides that he posts are facts, as most of them they are obtained from legitimate sources. His analysis and conclusions however, are often outlandish.
Many of his posts seems to be in the pattern of, the Xbox One has technology A, here are some tech papers on why A is great, the PS4 doesn't use A, therefore the Xbox one is far superior to the PS4.
I'm not a low level hardware guy, so I can't verify or refute many of his claims. I'll tell you that all the guys at the office do think it's nice we have such a die hard fan like Mr.X.

As I said in the title.  I don't think you need me to tell you that MisterX is largely full of shit, but it does help to hear it from a verified and accepted source from Microsoft.  While he does use real information he takes it and contorts in into something that is simply ridiculous.  You heard that from my very own insider.  Actually he is not an insider in any way.  He is well known in the community, but I just don't want to go down that stupid ass path of being an ass kisser with "inside" information.

While I am on the subject of insiders though I do want to reference the "insider" that MisterX has who is feeding him information.  This is one thing that I never for a second believed was true.  There is no way in hell someone at Microsoft with that much information would speak such horribly broken English.  The education requirements for the job alone would make any person better at speaking English than this guy appears to be.  Couple that with the horrible grammar mistakes both MisterX and "insider" appear to be making and there is a slam dunk case that they are the exact same person.

UPDATE.  Upon sharing this with the community at MisterX I was promptly censored and more than likely have a ban incoming.  It is amazing what happens when you post stuff that goes against the grain over there.  Oh well.


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