Thursday, May 29, 2014

MisterX is flat out wrong yet again, but as usual has an excuse to cover his ass.

It is time, yet again, for another breakdown of a MisterXmedia post. Time to break down how utterly full of shit this guy is and how hilarious it is that people believe the filth this man is spreading. This time around his "Insider" explains why he was COMPLETELY wrong about a major announcement he leaked that was coming on May 20th which ended up being....nothing at all. It was an interesting post I must say because this is yet another time where MisterX had to cleverly dig himself out of a hole when his bullshit was proven to be wrong like most other times.


Misterx: Do you have any wishes for the blog and what we post? Your personal opinion?

Insider: I think we have enough right now due to legal reasons. This e3 is all about games . Technology is apart of the show. We have so much information on this blog people will be coming here for years to come.

With that proclamation MisterX and/or "Insider" have now quadrupaled down on saying that Microsoft is GOING TO talk about system hardware at E3. They have been utilizing tech/hardware in the same reference for a long time now. So suffice it to say, but if Hardware or console Tech is not specifically spoken about at E3 these guys will be flat out WRONG.

"It is very hard to keep track of e3 information phil has gone to amazing strides to keep thing in the loop.. he says one thing does another which is fine.. but there will be three mega mega announcements one is a show stopper inregards to a game well actually two games the other are hardware."

There are GOING TO be 3 mega mega announcements at E3 and one is a show stopper in regards to a game. There is going to be a MASSIVE announcement at E3 regarding a game that is going to be specifically important for the Xbox One. You've now seen it. That is what they've said. Major game, or two, WILL be announced. Not that there was any question there would be new games, so I am sure this insider jackass is going to claim he was right all along.

But A.R is subjective at this point the concept is definitely ready to show but its phil way .. if something feels to kinect or false in regards to the core gamer it is not the way. Ms know gamers got the console brand where it is today. And e3 is about that there will be stuff about kinect and tv apps but it will be very subjective they have 3 more big shows to announce stuff also which is why phil is shuffling the desk constantly if it eas announced last years it not going to be announced this year the wow factor is not there any more it a big draw card for gfx and that is what people want nearly everything on show is beyond ryse gfx level.

I dont want to give the big stuff away. Your just going to have to wait. I want people who come to the blog to see why I inform. When you reach the neogaf level remember it was all for a reason ... you guys are not to be persuaded into pay to lie social media measures.

This is no doubt all bullshit since it comes across as this guy saying that MisterXmedia is going to be as big as NeoGAF. First, that is never going to happen. I am stating my entire reputation on it. There is ZERO chance that this site will ever be more than what it is right now. A haven for delusional fanboys who I find great joy in making fun of for it.

Remember I do this for xbox I believe and I know. And this is the first time in history that the little guys the ones with out money hats are running a community. Everybody here has something to contribute.. think of ways to grow. MS just dont watch this blog for leaks they know the power that people have here you guys have no idea you think gaf or reddit are the only place there money hated ign ryan must really hate the abuse too .. I would never go out of way to attack a gamer for there choose.

That is because Microsoft doesn't watch this blog at all and the few that do have flat out said the place is speaking out things that are completely outlandish. I have had a conversation with someone AT Microsoft and he's openly said this.

Gaming is a culture away of life to some degree for some. But the insiders who get payed by social media experiments or money hated to spread fud shouldn't have the power that they do in this industry. How many sony insiders are there.. how many have been cort out.. devs dont push an agenda they work there ass's off to survive in the industry. Ms had management issues there sorted now. One thing ms did right in xbox one hardware was let the industry move forward. E3 will answer all the questions is there more yes ... alot more .. :)

So now he is just spouting off more of the victim bullshit that is spoken about daily over at MisterXmedia. Blah blah blah SDF. Blah Blah Sony FUD machine. Blah Blah SonyGAF. This is even more of a giveaway that this person does not work for Microsoft. No one looks at the Xbox One as a failure right now except insecure people. If this guy was at all affiliated with Microsoft he would be speaking about how it is selling like mad and selling very well.


Insider: .. Yes all way interesting to see what others want. And it kills time.. :) before e3

Misterx: What happened with 20th of May? Something were going to happend but did not.
Insider: 20th Not a fake leak.. the qb stuff got delayed. It can happen if something changes.

Yes, what in fact did happen about the Major announcement you "Leaked" pertaining to May 20th?! Oh, it was delayed? Funny how you didn't mention that Certainly on the 20th you knew it was delayed. You had a specific date the first time so you most certainly knew of a new date before today. I don't see how someone so close to that information wouldn't. Perhaps you have no damn clue at all? It is just too convenient that you are able to say "Oh, it was delayed." when you are finally asked. It is the perfect cop out really.

Insider: That halo leak hhmmm some people are not going to be impressed with this info.. but it does follow the mp best of the best... iv only seen halo 2A parts so I can not relate to the rest .. And it was put across as the whole halo 2 was remade. This was how ever 8 months ago.. lots of things were still changing there was a huge team working on this game.

The next few days is going to be a really good moment. Pop corn time good times :). Better wait to order that order its not shipping till late feb march. I guess will have an episode of qb to get us by till the ship sales. :)

Oh, you've magically missed the fact that Halo 2 Anniversary doesn't exist at all and it is actually a fully remake of the Halo collection, but that was 8 months ago so it has all changed completely since then. Right. Or, you were just flat out wrong and have no clue about anything. Just like you said you saw PGR with your own eyes back in 2012 and it looked photo-realistic!....I am still waiting on that game...I am sorry, but I will just say it as it is. MisterXmedia is a site that is completely full of shit. When E3 comes and much of what he's predicted is missing we will more than ever be allowed to cast doubt all over this joke of a site. I for one will continue mercilessly making fun of him though. I consider it an afternoon break at work hobby at this point really.


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