Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Is NeoGAF as bad as everyone says it is? Yes, and no.

It seems like the cool thing to do these days as Xbox One owners is to tear apart any opinion that doesn't match that of the community.  Look basically anywhere on the internet.  If you are really brave take a look at the comments.  It is insane the way people are acting.  Granted some of it is deliberate trolling with the intent of getting a rise out of people, but there is no small amount of it which is people who feel the need to ruthlessly defend their purchase of their next generation console.  Maybe I am too old to understand the rationality behind this, but at 25 I would like to at least fool myself and say that isn't the case.

What makes someone get that upset to the point where they need to shit on someone else?  It has just been accepted as the gamer mentality, but I sort of refuse to accept that a group of people that I consider to be a part of is like that.

Take NeoGAF for example...

Call it what you want, but it is a valid source for information.  Does it tend to have a slant towards the Sony side of the industry?  Yes.  I don't think anyone would even attempt to deny that with a straight face.  If we are being completely honest with ourselves we can even admit that we know why.  It doesn't have to do with anything other than money.  NeoGAF, just like any other site, exists to make someone money.

 Unless you go there with an AD blocker installed you will see the ads that are prominent on the site.  When you see that you know that they are in the business of making money from views.  That is the entire story.  They aren't corrupt.  They aren't run by Sony.  They are just trying to maximize the amount of people coming to their site ach and every day.  So if that means catering to the current rage on the internet you can be assured that NeoGAF is going to do that.  Is the site evil for doing that?  Hell no!

What people seem to ignore is that all sites tend to do this.  IGN is just as guilty as NeoGAF and Kotaku is as bad as IGN.  Polygon is doing the same thing as IGN and all those YouTubers are following right behind them.  It is called bias.  It is a major problem in the world of media, but it isn't going anywhere until you stop visiting those sites.  That's the bottom line.

NeoGAF are absolutely bias, but they aren't any worse than any other site that is devoted to games journalism.  They just facilitate what gets the most people talking on their site.  They aren't evil for it.  They are just.....like everyone else.

So while it might be cool to knock NeoGAF right now as an Xbox One owner it is a little ridiculous that all those other sites are overlooked and given a pass.  I personally do not have a problem with NeoGAF, but I also take a lot of what is said there with a grain of salt because it is still the internet and as long as that is true there will always be people there who are full of crap.

Today's lesson:

Don't take the internet too seriously.



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