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I am not part of the Sony hating crowd despite not even owning a PS4 and only having an Xbox One.

Sony backs

Sony says...

"Our priority for DRIVECLUB is to enable you to play and enjoy everything it has to offer and PlayStation recognises that the prior plan for DRIVECLUB entitlement for the upgrade to the PS Plus edition was not appropriate. As a result, we have adjusted the PlayStation Plus terms for DRIVECLUB.

"Now, If you intend on downloading DRIVECLUB PlayStation Plus Edition, and upgrading to the full game experience, you will have access to the full game even if your PlayStation Plus subscription runs out."

Previously, players who upgraded to the full game having downloaded the PS Plus Edition would not have retained access to Driveclub in the event that their subscription expired.

The upgrade for Driveclub costs $49.99 which is $10 less than the normal price. Game director Paul Rustchynsky has insisted that Driveclub's PS Plus version will be more than a demo.

...of course Pony logic...Sony changes policies and it's because they care...MS changes policies but they are still evil doers. :/

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Re: Sony backs

This is not going to be a popular opinion around here because I do not despise Sony, but good on them. They recognized their fans didn't like it and they agreed to fix it. What is the problem with that?

I don't understand how everything around here needs to be console war fodder....

Re: Sony backs

I don't understand why it's always the same guys defending Sony. MrX seems to want to tolerate a guy like you...I don't. Feel free to not comment on my posts like I do on your idiotic posts...clear enough for you. :)

Re: Sony backs

@SMASHY +11111111

Re: Sony backs

"I don't understand why it's always the same guys defending Sony."

I, and others, are not defending Sony. We are defending logic. I would defend Adolf Hitler if he was saying the sky was blue and someone was arguing it wasn't. There is a big difference.

If you want to call it a 180, a backtrack or whatever that is fine, but the reality is that Sony listened to the outcry. Same as Microsoft. Not exactly sure why that has to be a controversy.

I will happily stop replying to you at this point.

Re: Sony backs

Don't let one comment stop you from posting, use your internet freedom while you still have it!!!

Re: Sony backs

Logic and truth are two different things. Using logic you think the sky is blue but in truth your eyes only interpret blue because the light is telling your brain that is what it sees. To a color blind person logic is out the window or at night what do you see. To the people who have been paying attention. Sony is trying to paint Microsoft as the evil company that Sony really is. Lies, lies and more lies. Don't defend scum or you'll be categorize with the same is the lesson here.

Re: Sony backs

lol my man just got boyed haha


Re: Sony backs

That's right smash. These guys already take up enough internet space with their Sony worship. I don't feel the least bit bad about a pony or Sony.

Re: Sony backs


Re: Sony backs

Thanks thetruth713. Real recognize real.

Re: Sony backs

I think the problem for Sony is that, despite their best efforts, they cannot get the people that buy their consoles to accept that PSN+ is a 'premium' service (though I would argue not comparable to XBox Llive) that requires investment and maintenance. it should cost money but the Sony ponies want everything for free. Having to offer free games and a free network service is not a good business model, especially with Sony's financial woes.

The people complaining the most and forcing Sony to backtrack are just accelerating Sony's slide into bankruptcy.

Re: Sony backs

I thnk this guy is from reddit.mrc posted a link to reddit and "doll" is the ambasador.

Re: Sony backs


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Re: Sony backs

The double standard really only exists with the hardcore fanboy people. The vast majority of people recognize it as a smart business to please fans.

Re: Sony backs

Oh totally! I just mean commenters on game sites. They're rabid! It's hard to even read an Xbox story on IGN etc. without the crazy trolls and bullies. It really gets aggravating and has essentially made me do two things:

A) Read less on game sites
B) Never scroll to the comments (even on youtube!)

The internet is fucked up.

His statement was valid and he was talking about the fringe sdf. His comment and argument is directed towards that group.

You actually attacked him.

Re: Sony backs

I usually appreciate your position Doll but in this case I find myself slightly in disagreement. This runs deeper than Sony listening to fans. It ties into their way of doing business.
1) Sony created and showed a video about their drm policy mocking ms at e3. This wasnt a fanboy, or a media outlet, two high ranking sony officers did this with the blessing of their company. Sony fanboys ate it up an media outlets played it up damaging the xb1 image. Don Mattrick only exacerbated the issue with his arrogant 'solution'. Even when ms reversed the policy (which was designed to help developers) Sony made sure to keep drm misinfo flowing). All the while all indications point to the fact that the ps4 had drm in place and removed it when they saw the reaction that ms received.

So I refuse to give sony a pass because of the drm wasnt done to protect developers - it was done as away to ensure continued ps+ membership and therefore revenue for sony. If this was done they could hold gamers hostage for their games. What would happen if ps+ was suddenly increased to 9.99 a month? Gamers would have to pay it or lose access to games they bought. That is the WORSE kind of drm.
The anger is really toward their fans and their hypocrisy. If this was an MS move the reaction would have been worse by 100fold.

Re: Sony backs

Dude, please understand that this house is PRO XBOX. Sony will be called out on their constant bullsh!t here while everywhere else continues to overlook and give them passes. You don't have to despise them...only need to open your eyes and notice the trend like many here already have.
Dude, why you pounced on smash? All he pointed out was the SDFs double standard.

Sony will be rewarded with positive news about their reversal. Total opposite of how MS was treated when they listened to their fans.

Smash was only pointing out the double standards that might occur on this topic.

Maybe you haven't had your coffee yet.
Holy hell everyone. I never attacked smash in any way. I stated something that was not a popular opinion and I knew it wouldn't be. That is all. If I get banned for having an opinion that goes against the grain then so be it I am fine with that.

Lets stop making this out to be something that it is not. I am not some covert Sony propagandist trying to infiltrate this site. I have been coming here for the better part of a year now. I come here to talk about games and E3 stuff lately like many others. That is all.
Smash cannot take anything against his opinion, for me saying it I will get flamed likely. I seen it happen many times, one thing about here there is some crazy fanboys and forget about gaming.

As much I dislike Sony, they have good games. Not enough for me to care too much in my opinion. Smash will indeed go after you. I laughed how he called you an idiot for no reason when U had a point.

Smash is a nice guy for sure, just cannot take anything that takes away his opinion

Re: Sony backs

the problem is that NO ONE on gaming midia (sites, IGN, Gamespot, Eurogamer...) covered that DRM bulshit of Driveclub!!

And I remember last E3 Sony Capitalizing on NO DRM speech. So they lied?

Yes it´s good they backtracked, but I imagine if MS did that...The gaming midia would flaming and bashing Xbox, for a month at least...

There is a clear double standard here!!Thats the problem!

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Re: Sony backs

Agreed. As usually because you don't agree with some opinions here you will get flamed.

At least they fixed this problem because it was really messed up forced drm. Funny since it was the same when x1 did the 180. Surprised they did but in a way Sony out right had too. Most Ps plus member are waiting for the game for free anyways. And this is just a driveclub demo. Why they called it something else is beyond me. Imlost alot of respect since last e3 for Sony childish psychology worked on some gamers.

Re: Sony backs

Sony is full of shi* that is the problem.

SDF are even worse.

everything around here IS console war fodder. Have you been under a rock?

Go visit IGN for a while, and maybe frequent NeoGaf. You might enjoy it.

So sony backtracked ....

And i believe this games still wont sell
too late, the hype is already down

Re: Sony backs

And they just got backed into selling the full version for $49. Way to support your bankrupt company ponies!

Re: Sony backs

Lol, I didnt even consider that they are selling it for $10 cheaper...still, that covers the laborand materials for getting a physical copy to stores.
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