Monday, February 24, 2014

Back to Azeroth, again....shame on me.

I swear.  World of Warcraft is like an abusive boyfriend or girlfriend that I just do not have the balls to tell it is officially over.  I think this may be the 4-5th time that I have gone back to the game at this point.  It always goes the same.  I resubscribe to the game.  I play for about 2-3 weeks and then I unsubscribe again.

The strange thing is that even playing for 2 hours tonight I was really not having an amazing time or anything.  Just turned some music on and went through the motions as always.  Questing is mildly interesting, but beyond that I know that I will never fully participate in the game.  So what makes me keep going back>. I honestly do not have a good answer.  Perhaps there is a bit of my growing up nostalgia in there somewhere.  When I was in college I would play the hell out of the game every single night.  It was sort of my hobby that kept me in my apartment and not out drinking and spending money.  Sounds lame, but at the time it was probably the best thing I could have possibly done.

Anyways.  So I am back playing World of Warcraft now.  Perhaps this time will be a little bit different, but I do not expect it to be.  I am doing it because of the total lack of games that have been coming out for the Xbox One.  Not that the lull isn't to be expected since the consoles just came out.  Hopefully the weeks between now and the release of Titanfall can be taken up by me playing World of Warcraft.  Otherwise.....who knows.


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