Thursday, May 1, 2014

Another day another example of gamer hypocrisy.

So I am not a gamer historian or anything, but I also do not have selective memory.  As an Xbox One owner I recall countless occasions where the system was ripped into for having games be sub 1080p and/or sub 60fps.  Driveclub got a little public update today and it was revealed the game would be 30fps.  Which is fine by me, but suddenly frame rate is completely unimportant to people and that makes me laugh pretty damn hard.

So many people seem to get all caught up in this console war bullshit where they hurl bulletpoints they read on Kotaku, or some other site, back and forth at one another.  The best part is when people start talking 1080p vs. 720p/900p the vast majority of them have no clue what they are actually talking about.  This includes some of the writers themselves!  Then we get into the frame rate talk as well and people, provided it is their version of choice that is better, will insist that all games need to be running at 60 frames per second.

Take Forza for example.  It caught so much shit early on because the people looked like cardboard cutouts.  Yes, those people you go streaking by at 150+ miles per hour are what people were upset about.  Nevermind that the cars looks beautiful, the tracks look damn close to photo-realistic.  It is the insignificant trees and people that are what really matter.  Even at 60 frames per second and 1080p it didn't matter to many because of those people and trees.

Then driveclub comes out.  It was revealed it will be 1080p (hell yeah), but at a lesser 30 (FPS).  Suddenly those same people seem to think that half the frame rate is totally cool because their people looks a little less cardboardy and their trees look a little better.  They too will be zipping by them at upwards of 150 MPH nevermind you, but at least they will know theirs looks better while having half the frames.

I just find the entire console war fight utterly pathetic on both sides.  The bulletpoint spewing, the frame-rate talk, the resolution crap.  It could all go away and gaming would only be better for it.  Until then we are just going to experience this same ridiculous hypocritical crap where people love something when it applies to them in the moment, but hate on it when it doesn't.

Gamers, you really know how to be idiots some days.

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  1. Can I really, really like 60 frames per second a lot more than 30 and have it not be a console war thing?