Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Amazon Game Studios job listing hints that they will be releasing games for existing consoles.

There is currently a listing for a Senior Software Engineer - Advanced Game Technology on Amazon.Com which has a few tidbits of interesting information in it.  A lot of people seem to think that Amazon are buying up game studios to make their own games for their own console/tv set-top box, but it appears that may not be the case.  The listing makes it seem as though they want to release games for the consoles which already exist if you take into account one of the preferred qualifications they are looking for.

"Preferred Qualifications

  • Extensive game industry experience (5+ years) working on game technology for AAA console, mobile, or PC games.
  • Experience writing an innovative game system for a successful game.
  • Deep familiarity with existing game hardware, such as Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, et cetera.
  • Low level optimization skills
  • Unity, Unreal, CryEngine or other 3D game engine development experience."
There are a few other parts with also may hint to Amazon looking into developing their own game-engine if you look closely.  Amazon developing their own game engine would mean they are not in the market to licence say Unity, Unreal Engine or any of the other popular ones out there.
"As a senior software development engineer responsible for the development of cutting-edge game technologies, you will have the opportunity to define the limits of the experiences games can provide, on any platform. If you are passionate about approaching game technology with a fresh perspective and have the talent, experience, and ambition to produce mind-blowing solutions to common game development problems, we’re looking for you.
The Role:
Fully understand the game development process, from inception to the final release.
Be an engineering leader for game technology, which may include AI, physics, animation and rendering.
Have a strong opinion on where the industry is going, not just where it is today (and be right about it!).
Write efficient, usable code that breaks through the barriers of existing solutions to provide new and compelling game experiences.
Be a champion for the user and developer: Insist on the highest standards, and create functional and well-designed solutions that take the pain out of game development."
I could be entirely wrong in my assumptions, but parts of that read almost like they are looking into making their own game engine rather than a game.  It could be something different though than even I am thinking.  All this job listing does is back up the notion that Amazon are obviously interested in getting involved with the gaming industry which is more than welcoming on any level.
What do you all think?  Let me know in the comments.


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