Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A short DayZ tale of momentary comradery and brutality.

Last night I decided to get back into DayZ after a few weeks away from the game.  I got a little worn out.  I had played the hell out of it prior to that.  Anyway I was meandering around Chernarus with my fresh spawned character.  Slowly building up a supply of items as one is expected to do in DayZ.  Over the course of a few hours I ended up having enough stuff that I could adventure basically anywhere that I wanted.  I decided to leave Cherno and head north...

I made it as far as the [New] northern Cherno apartments before I decided to go take a look at the hospital, office building and storage garages before heading further north.

[Skip ahead, looked at the hospital and office building]

I am looking through the storage garages and I round the corner to the last set of doors.  I see one of them open up.  Panic immediately sets in.  I freeze.  I am keeping my eye on the door waiting for the other survivor to come out of the garage stall.  My intent was to see if he had a weapon.  If he did; he was dead.  I was alone and have been burned too many times before trying to be friendly.  After what felt like minutes he comes out with his M4 in hand.  I knew I was outmatched weapon to weapon since I am not a good shot unless I've got the drop on someone.  In this instance I had the drop, but I was a little too close for comfort.  I decided to weigh my odds and came to the conclusion that my best odds for survival were to hide and announce that I was friendly--or retreat.  Having been alone maybe it was loneliness that prompted me to present myself, but that is what I decided to do.

"Are you friendly?" I said.  There was a silence for what again seemed like minutes before I heard the survivor.  "....[inaudible]....friendly."  After trying to decipher the hundreds of different ways I could have misunderstood him I decide to make it known that I was armed, but friendly and would come out in the open if he would.  To my surprise he agreed.

"Alright, weapons down though." I said.

"Yup." replied the stranger.

We then both proceed out into the open.  I see him.  He sees me.  He even does the traditional hand in the air sign to tell me he is friendly.  I choose to do the same.  We stop and chat for a couple minutes before the unexpected happens.  We both start taking fire!  For some reason, a dumb one in hindsight, we bolted into a storage garage and closed the door behind us.

I just trapped myself in a garage with a complete stranger while a third stranger was trying to hunt us both down.    I actually ran away unscathed, but the guy I was with took a bullet and was bleeding pretty badly.  He bandages himself up and immediately points his gun at me and asks "Was that guy with you?"
"No, I swear to god he was not with me dude!  I have been completely alone until I ran into you!" I replied.
"Well we need to get the hell out of here or he is going to just come kill us both and I cannot see a thing anymore." the stranger says in voice chat for everyone around here.

After we discuss our plan I opt to lead the way out and tell him to just follow me as best he can.  When we got to a safe place I would give him a saline bag and we could figure out what to do from there.  He reluctantly agrees, but never puts his weapon down.  This guy does not trust me.  That much is abundantly clear!  We then open the doors and make a break for it.  I head out first and the shots start up again.  At the last second before passing behind a building I identify where the shots are coming from.   As I get behind cover I keep my eyes on the stranger I had met up with.  A few feet from cover he takes another bullet , he falls down and starts bleeding again.

I could have just let him bleed out and taken all his stuff, but I figured he had done me a favor by not shooting me moments ago in the garage so I decide to pull out my first aid kit and fix him up.  I bandage him up and he pops back up.  We immediately get behind cover and I administer the saline bag as promised as well.

"Do we go after that guy or do you want to run away?" I asked.

"Do you know where he is?" asked the stranger.

I explain that the last place I saw him was the second floor of the apartment building to the south.  He decides to take a look.  He eases around the corner and looks down his sight at the second floor of the apartment building...

*crack, crack* two shots go off.  To my dismay and horror my new buddy drops to the ground dead on the northern side of the garage where we had been hiding.
....we should have just ran away when we had the chance.


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