Tuesday, April 22, 2014

E3 is almost certainly going to be a let down. The hype is too insane right now.

I think today I have come to the ultimate realization that E3 is going to no doubt be a let down from Microsoft.  I don't say that as a knock on Microsoft in any way to be honest.  Rather I say it because the gamers have managed to over-hype the event to the point that there is almost nothing Microsoft could say on June 9th that could live up to what gamers have envisioned in their head.  With so much hope for the console people are expecting them to come out and start dropping bombs on stage and while a few might happen I doubt there is any chance that it will live up.

In the last few years it actually seems as though people are more excited for the wait and the hunt than the games and events themselves.  The amount of Hype behind games like Titanfall and Infamous: Second Son seem to have faded faster than I ever recall games of their caliber doing in the past.  I don't know what has changed, but it seems like the hype just does not linger any more in this day and age.

So consider this my prediction for E3.  I have no clue what is going to be said when that day comes, but the general reaction is not going to be that people are blown away by Microsoft.  Their games, games, games approach will not be enough to please the ridiculous hype the has been generated for Microsoft and the Xbox One.

I'm calling it.


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