Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Classic Star Wars - In Deadly Pursuit 01 (SPOILER/REVIEW)

I am going to start doing another category of stuff posts on my site dealing with comic books. I will make it a point to categorize them as such for people who are not interested in reading about comic books. I understand they aren't everyones cup-o-tea.

Classic Star Wars - In Deadly Pursuit 01

This story arc takes place after A New Hope, but before The Empire Strikes Back. Luke and Leia are on a planet scouting for a place to put a rebel base. This takes place before the battle of Hoth which is ultimately where the rebels ended up putting their base. While Luke and Leia are on the planet they discover that it is actually a training ground for Imperial forces. Those Imperial Forces end up finding the pairs ship while they are scouting and decide to blow it up to make sure they cannot get off the planet.

When they do not check in headquarters becomes suspicious because they are to check in as is protocol. When they don't the leaders have to face the reality that both Luke and Leia are likely dead. R2-D2 even reads in the personnel files that they are listed as KIA. Refusing to believe that Han Solo decides to go looking for them.

Ultimately Han Solo rescues the two and heads off the planet only to be greeted by Imperial star destroyers. When the Millenium Falcon is damaged they need to land on the nearby planet of Ord Mantell to repair it. While they are there a bounty hunter takes notice to their presence and devises a plan with his partner Gribbit. They capture Luke and Leia when they storm off after Han makes unwanted advances at Leia.

The installment ends when Han Solo hears a speeder leaving the outside of the ship. When he goes out to see who it is he finds Luke's light-saber as well as a holograph from the bounty hunter telling Han to meet at a rendezvous point. He is to not bring any weapons and to leave Chewbacca as well.

I thought this was a very interesting beginning to what is sure to be a great storyline.  I am totally hooked on it already after just one issue because I am a child who grew up on the original 3 Star Wars films and it was always strange to me how Luke got so much experience as a Jedi between the films.  These comics fill in some of the gaps and I love that!

I would suggest this story to anyone who is interested!


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