Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A parting letter from gaming executives.

Dear Gamer,

As you have no doubt heard by now I have decided to leave my job in the gaming industry to pursue other things in life.  One might wonder why a person in my position would leave such a sweet gig of playing games for a living.  Some just chalk it up to business as usual, poor performance or just having been in the industry for so long that I am ready for something else.  Those all may very well be the case, but perhaps you may consider a different scenario.  The scenario where I am genuinely tired of you--the gamer.

Take just a moment to consider what I have had to deal with in my efforts to make you--the gamer--happy in the last 5+ years and perhaps you will better understand why I am ready to walk away from the industry.

Lets start with the constant never ending fighting with one another like petulant children.  While I appreciate your loyalty to our product we never asked you to fight our battles for us.  In fact--just stop.  Our competition makes us a better company.  They push us and we push them which give you--the gamer--a better product in the end.

Speaking of a better product.  Lets also address your demand for better products.  I will just say it right up front.  You're unreasonable.  You demand bigger and better products which cost us more money to produce.  We are happy to do that for you, but at the same time you demand to pay less for games.  AAA experiences cost money.  My company is not a charity.  If you want to experience that you are going to have to pay for it.  To make matters even worse when we do make a game that is good and it reviews well some of you just accuse us of buying reviews for the game anyway.  Do you see how this is a silly cycle that I simply cannot win?

Now.  I will admit that we do not always release games in as pristine of shape as we would like to.  If you have a complaint we always want to hear from you.  When I say WE I mean the people behind the creation of the game.  You have every right to be upset if we have let you down.  What you do not have a right to is to threaten people and their lives.  That is going too far.  There is no need to threaten anyone over a videogame let alone threaten our families who have nothing to do with it.  You need to reexamine what your purchase of our product entitles you to.  Which leads me to my next point.

I could go on and on as to why it is your fault that I am choosing to leave the videogames industry, but the truth is that is it still my decision to leave and mine alone.  I am choosing to leave the gaming industry for a variety of reasons, but I would be a liar if I said it wasn't in part because of you--the gamer.  I cannot continue to try and please someone who will never be happy.  I cannot continue to sell a product to someone who is not willing to pay for it and lastly I will not work in an industry where my customers feel they are entitled to threaten the lives of me and my family.

So in closing I would like to say this.  This is not goodbye.  It's good riddance.


Marc Whitten, Phil Fish, Adam Sessler, Jack Tretton, Steve Carlin and Jeff Brown.
(Not really written by the names listed above. Duh)


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