Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What the feck internet?! EP04 - Facebook buys Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift has been bought by Facebook.  Not that you didn't already know that by the usual idiotic explosion of ignorant gamer rage that shot across the internet yesterday.  There is something about days like yesterday that make almost embarrassed to say that I am a gamer.
Dollytee what are you talking about?!  I am talking about THIS and many other sites.  The reaction to a business making a business decision is pathetic.  It is amazing to me how a hive mind can completely take over and people just somehow automatically know that it was a bad decision.  They make their decision that Facebook is a bad owner for Oculus based on.....well, nothing at all.  They just decided it for whatever reason.  Facebook is hated because it is the big guy, the corporate giant, the evil overlord.  Call Facebook whatever you want, but they just gave $2 billion dollars to Oculus which will help to fund further development.  Instead people treat it like Palmer Lucky sold out.  For instance look at this comment directed at Palmer Lucky from Reddit:
"Pffft, clamp it sellout.

Go back and re-read all the threads on MTBS3D where you talk about your dreams of an open VR for everybody.

You were a HERO in they eyes of so many, now you are just another corporate scuzbag.
I've seen the look in Nate's eyes a hundred times, but I thought you were better; I actually believe you WILL have a hard time sleeping at night because you were a decent person.
I'd be willing to bet you sat there saying "I don't know guys, it doesn't feel right" but all those greedy grins were too infectious and you went left when you should have stayed straight.

In my my most HUMBLE opinion, you're about as intelligent as a pile of potatoes making this move.

I think you are a fucking scuzbag. My entire Family hates you now.

So does 90% of your former supporters.

Enjoy your money asshole.
The level of ignorance in that post is about the same, maybe worse, as it is everywhere on the internet right now.  People seem to have this idea in their head that Oculus as a company are taking $2 billion dollars and heading away to a private island when in reality it is the beginning of something new; however, since it is Facebook funding it the whole thing has to be part of an evil plan to put ads in front of people.  Ignore the fact that Oculus doesn't make games and only the hardware though--that is apparently irrelevant in this whole thing because idiots on the internet just *know* that Facebook is going to do it.  Even though they cannot force that upon developers of games.  Well--they could, but developers would go towards other VR devices like Morpheus.  Regardless though the assumption is incredibly stupid on the part of people saying it.

The bottom line is that gamers need to seriously start learning to harness their stupid ass rage over things they know absolutely nothing about.  This Facebook deal has many implications for the product.  We do not know all the details of the deal and that alone should tell people to reserve their judgement.  But, like so many other things gamers decided to grab their pitch-forks first and they will ask questions later.  Afterall, screaming and bitching is much easier that being calm and assessing a situation before putting your hands to the keyboard.

Seriously.  What the feck internet?!



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