Tuesday, March 18, 2014

What the feck internet?! EP03

Today's post is meant for everyone who has, is and ever will purchase this. The "Lighting Modz Xbox One 40 Modes Rapid Fire Controller COD Ghost Jump Shot Drop Shot Sniper Quick Scope." I would just like to formally say right up front that I really dislike you on just about every level.  Most notably Mr. Mario A. Rillon Jr.  He was one of the reviewers for this product on Amazon and I have to see he is the type of gamer that I despise more than anything.  Here is is review:
"This controller does everything it's supposed to do. Came in the right amount time and also in a brand new Xbox one controller box. I would definitely recommend this to people who are getting bored of the game and need's something to make the Call of duty Ghost game a little bit more fun to play."
Let me get this straight.  There are two things here that make this guy a complete dick.
First, this controller is $128.  If you are bored of COD you could just keep your controller you have and buy literally two new games.  Hell if you traded in COD right now you could even make that potentially three games if you are savvy with your money.  I just do not understand the level of stupidity it takes to spend extra money on something you are already bored of unless that money is being spent to provide new content.  This $128 controller is more or less buying a ticket which gives you the ability to be a dick.

Secondly, buying this makes you a major dick--as I have already said.  When I get bored of something I just stop playing it.  I do not go out and spend $128 on a new product which will ruin the experience of those who actually are having fun.  I do not know how children are being raised these days, but that mentality is astounding to me.  This notion that "I am bored so I am going to go fuck up everyone else's experience." is quite disgusting.  I do not know the mindset of a person who thinks that this is acceptable, but I have to say that I am glad I don't know of anyone personally who decides to do something like this.
Gone are the days I guess where people played games for the challenge of fun of it.  Gone are the days where people took their beatings online in stride.  Or maybe not in stride, but they would just quietly throw their controller and move on with their lives.  Now I guess the reaction is to go out and buy a product designed specifically for cheating.  I guess the new mentality is "If I cannot win I am going to be a dick."

What a strange and stupid world we live in.  To that I say...

What the feck internet?!


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