Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What the feck internet?! EP02

Like much of the gaming world today I am excited for the launch of Titanfall.  I have been perusing reviews of the game and as expected the game is scoring on average 85-90% on all its reviews.  There are a few 5/5's and a few 70's, but on an average it is in that 85-90% range which is exactly what it deserves.

I don't think anyone who does't have a grievance of sorts is going to say that Titanfall is a bad game.  Sure, it has some lacking textures, but many games do and are still incredibly fun for many people.  It is not 1080p, but even at 792p it does not look horrendous as some people have been saying.  It is already established.  Titanfall is a great game.  So, that being said:

What in the hell is the point of users going on a site like Metacritic and blanketing the user-reviews with 0 scores?  Does that serve a purpose?  What do gamers gain from shitting all over a game that has been widely reviewed with nothing but praise?  Is it an anger that Microsoft obtained exclusive rights to it?  That is fair if someone is upset about that, but that should not matter in regards to the rating of the game itself--should it?

I am not one to write off people with a difference of opinion so I decided to read a few of the reviews that gave Titanfall a 0/10 review.  The most common theme was pretty telling.  The vast majority of 0/10 reviews were written by people who's only review of any product was Titanfall.  I am sorry, but that alone tells me people are trying to systematically smear the game for whatever reason they have.
Is this really what gaming had degraded to?  Are we now going to spend our spare time smearing games of the "competition" rather than play the great games on the consoles we do own?  It seems like insanity to me!

So to the silly reaction which I clearly do not understand I say:
What the feck internet?!


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