Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My hopes and fears for GDC 2014.

GDC 2014
Images like this one here are what get me painfully excited for GDC 2014.  Namely that little Xbox One logo in the lower left corner.  Admittedly I haven't followed the entire development of DirectX12 as much as most other people, but I had been at a minimal level aware of its rumors for the last year or two.  It was never in regards to PC gaming though.  Always in the context of the Xbox One.  That is due almost entirely in part to MisterX.  Yeah, that crazy dude from the dark conspiracy corners of the internet!  The one an only!

Any time I mention him I make it a point to tell everyone that I do not hinge on his every word and take his writings as gospel.  I do recognize though when he is right and in the case of Xbox One supporting DirectX12 he was one of the only people talking about it--almost two years ago!

The Xbox Ones utilization of the DirectX12 software is already a forgone conclusion since people like Phil Spencer did everything except outright confirm it with their Tweets last week.  We know that the Xbox One is going to support DirectX12, but the question is to what level.  My hope is that the Xbox One was designed around the idea of running on it, but my fear is obviously the other side of that coin.  That it will be some half-ass implementation.

We are bound to see some pretty killer tech demos showcasing the ability of DX12 at GDC2014, but unless there is a game actually using it at the conference the gaming world is going to treat it as little more than a tech demo.  Meaning it will get diminished as a pipe dream and we will be right back to arguing about the silly crap like frame rate and resolution again.  That would be my biggest fear I guess.

I have a lot of hopes for GDC2014, but while they seem to be ready to showcase some pretty big things for the Xbox One there is so much Microsoft have screwed up in the past with the system that I always worry to some degree what Microsoft are going to be doing.  Hopefully Microsoft goes into the conference looking to make waves this year--and in a good way.  Not the waves they made last May with the whole DRM fiasco.



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