Monday, March 17, 2014

My comment to MisterXMedia and his blog.

Hey MisterX,

I have been coming to this site for quite a while now.  It is very exciting to see that some of the insider tips you've been getting seem to be coming to fruition now.  Congratulations on that!  If I recall correctly you had information about Xbox One and DirectX12 almost 2 years ago!  Must feel pretty awesome to finally see redemption after all the people in the internet writing you off for so long!

Now that the pendulum of momentum seems to be swinging back towards Microsoft I do want to say something.

Can we resist the urge to sling mug towards the Sony crowd?

Don't get me wrong I love reading this site, but lately it seems like the people on it are more concerned about spiking the football and doing an endzone dance in Sony's face than anything.  Why not stop with all the "liar SDF" stuff and just celebrate the fact that great things seem to be coming to the Xbox One?  This whole SDF mentality came about because of the insults, hostility and memes that were posted on a daily basis.  It annoyed the hell out of all of us, but now here we are doing essentially the exact same thing.  At some point the cycle should stop because the hostility has only gotten worse.  I think you could agree with that.  So why not take the high road from here moving forward?  It is fun to make a friendly jab at 

Sony, but it ultimately only stokes the fire and makes things worse.  That pendulum of momentum is going to swing back to Sony at some point.  It always does.  So why not try to stop the pointless cycle in internet insults and just take the high road this time?

I say let Sony do their thing.  If they are telling lies you should absolutely point it out, but we can do that without hurling insults and being typical internet dicks can we not?

That is my two cents I guess.


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