Monday, March 24, 2014

Gone Home, WOW!

So, Gone Home.  Not sure why people haven't been insisting I play that game for the last year that it has been out.  OK; more like, I am not sure why I ignored everyone telling me to play that game for the last year.  Talk about an emotionally charged game.  It was certainly a unique experience that I would love to relive again for the first time.  I will be honest though.  That first 10-15 minutes that I was playing the game I was asking myself "What the hell is the point of this exactly?"  Then--the diary entries started coming and I had to know more!
Gone home does that extremely well.  Exploring that house was oddly interesting.  It was laid out in such a believable way.  That is the one big issue I have with a lot of games.  These houses have floor-plans that are completely ridiculous.  Gone Home didn't have that.  So much so that they even laid out the house with the secret compartments and walk-spaces that went between areas.  It was amazing to go back into a room I had been in before and then find a secret compartment hidden in the wall paneling.  Not only did it further the story, but it also gave little bits on inside into the minds of the children that were once in the house.  The whole ghost hunters story that was layered atop the overall story was very interesting in its own way.
If you are thinking about giving the game a try I will give one piece of advice.  Nothing in that house is insignificant!  Read everything.  It may seem trivial, but every scrap of paper helps to paint a very beautiful picture.  I didn't read everything and I regret it very much!  I know that there is no way I can go back and play this story again.  This game is amazing, but the replay ability of it, in my opinion, is nonexistent.  This story can only be told to me once.  Because I didn't read everything I never knew why the parents were gone.  I never knew about the relationship the mother was [possibly] having with a coworker.  I only found out about all that after I finished the game and started reading reviews!
I cannot get over how great this game was.  I did not have an open mind towards indie games in the past, but this has single-handedly changed that for me!  You owe it to yourself to play Gone Home!


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