Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What is it that is being played so close to Microsoft's chest with the Xbox One?

I, like everyone else, couldn't tell you what it is, but Microsoft seems to be playing things in regards to the power of the Xbox One suspiciously close to their vest.  To the point where I am slowly starting to wonder what the hell is going on.   On paper the console is clearly weaker in comparison to the Playstation 4.  So my question is; Why in the hell do they seem to keep welcoming the whole topic of the systems power in any interview they give?

I am not expecting them to dodge the question outright.  That is not what I am saying.  Going into an interview and saying "No comment.." would be even more catastrophic than admitting it is weaker on paper for them.  What I am referring to is how they continually bring up the power of the cloud and all that stuff when they have yet to show any real power at all.  Forza's drivatars are all fine and well.  Dedicated servers on Titanfall are sweet, but those do not scream power to me.  Especially when Microsoft were claiming something to the effect of each Xbox One has the power of 3 more in the cloud at one point and time.

PR speak is one thing, but what they are doing seems to go beyond PR.  It is almost as though they are dropping subtle hints repeatedly leading up to the release of Titanfall.  This major update that, according to rumor, could put Titanfalls resolution to 900p or even 1080p would have to be some significant optimization.  We are talking far more than 8% which was supposedly gained from reallocating the resources from the Kinect.  I am far from one of those desperate people on MisterX's site who believe in a secret CPU/GPU within the system, but Microsoft are being awfully coy about the power of the Xbox One lately to the point where I am genuinely suspicious of what is going on.

I do not get too tied up in game resolution.  Especially this resolutiongate shit that has been going on.  I find it all painfully pointless since a boring game is boring whether it is in 1080p or 720p, but resolutions of games can tell a story in itself when it comes to system capability.  Titanfall is not a cupcake of a game when it comes to power and if all those other 3rd party games were having a tough time reaching 1080p then there is certainly more to the story than we know if Titanfall is [potentially] aiming for 1080p following updates from Microsoft to the system.

Rest assured I am sure we will know more when Titanfall gets released or any embargo on the game is lifted.  I would be curious to know how well this game is actually running on the Xbox One and even PC.  I am genuinely curious what Microsoft is up to at this point because they definitely feel they've got something worth hiding between now and the release of Titanfall that they have yet to hint at.



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