Thursday, February 27, 2014

What the feck internet?! EP01

I am going to title this post EP01.  I have a strong feeling that this will not be the last post I write that shares the theme of amazement at how unabashedly dumb thee internet can really be at times.
Today's topic?  Indie developers and assumptions of game quality.
A boatload of new Indie developers are signing up to create games for the Xbox One.  That is a fantastic announcement by all accounts.  There is literally no downside to that sort of news.  There are about 20 developers making games.  You are not forced to buy them and they are generally cheaper games than the blockbuster AAA titles.  It is win/win for everyone involved.  At least that is what one would think.  Alas, the internet--or people hanging out on it anyway--have found a reason why this is somehow bad and Microsoft have somehow screwed up again.

How so?  Well--because certain indie developers are not on the list.  Since Microsoft haven't locked up certain indie developers they have screwed up their program.  Seems strange given the program is 100% opt-in from the standpoint of a developer.  It seems so odd that people would even get slightly upset about this, but then again the internet is an amazingly dumb place at times.  Even more strangely the place that I would expect to find hate against anything Microsoft does, NeoGAF, has been almost completely civil in nature when discussing the topic.

Today is just one of those days that the internet doesn't seem to make sense.  Getting upset over the announcement of about 20+ new games that are hopefully coming soon is like saying you are a gamer, but hate games.  Now one could make the fools argument that indie games do not compare to the blockbuster big studio titles, but it would be a fools argument like I said because there are countless examples of indie games becoming massively successful.

Graphics and resolution do not mean a damn thing when it comes to entertainment.  A boring repetitive game isn't any boring or less repetitive if it is being played at 1080p/60FPS.  So when people want to speak ill of indie titles I just do not get it.  Perhaps others view me as "that guy" when this argument comes up because I am not the first with this opinion, but I would rather be "that guy" of I had the choice.  Whatever side brings me more games to choose from is the side I am on.
So to the silly reaction which I clearly do not understand I say:
What the feck internet?!


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