Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Goobye CBOAT, you will not be missed.

Call me a fanboy or whatever you like, but today is a happy day for me.  The NeoGAF member CBOAT came out with some new rumors that ended up being categorically false.  We know that because Respawn Entertainment (The Guys behind Titanfall) came out and shot him down almost immediately.  This tells me two things.

First--It tells me that CBOAT is more than likely not an insider as he as led the entire internet to believe for a long time now.  I fail to see any scenario where he could be so wrong about something this close to a games launch and yet talk with such certainty in his posts.

Second--It tells me that CBOAT was more than likely full of crap on a lot of other things and may have just happen to get lucky with his predictions.  Many of them were so vague that in reality anyone could have taken a stab in the dark and had close to the same batting average as he did.

Either way I am pretty delighted to hear that CBOAT is more than likely going to be banned from NeoGAF because he only served to fuel this painfully annoying console war narrative that seems to have gotten even worse with this new generation.  The talk of resolution and frames per second needs to go away as soon as possible.  Not because I am currently an Xbox One owner and I am upset about it.  No; I want it to go away because it distracts from the thing that is actually important.  Great games with great gameplay. We could argue all day about the games and whether they are going to be running at 1080p/60FPS or 720/30FPS, but the fact of the matter is that no one is going to play a game if it sucks regardless of the resolution or frame rate that it runs at.

The whole reason this has even become and issue is because people like CBOAT create this false controversy that the idiot-minded people of the internet happen to eat up hook, line and sinker because they are constantly seeking validation for their purchase.  For some it isn't enough to just be able to say that Playstation Plus is a great service for its own reasons and the Playstation 4 is a more powerful console.  They need to validate it further.  That is where we end up debating resolutions and frame rates which, if you ask me, is utterly pointless.

So let me be the first to say good riddance to CBOAT and hopefully more of them in the future end up going away as well.  It is one thing to leak new information such as new games and features, but to constantly shit on a console with "leaks" just seems like it doesn't do anyone any good expect to fuel the flames of the console war.

Adios CBOAT.  You will not be missed.  At least not by this pseudo-blogger.


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