Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dean Hall seems to be a bit of a joke.

Talk about going against the grain of the internet, but here I go I guess...
Dean Hall.  I don't care for the guy.  I don't hate him by any stretch, but ap
parently not having outright no-homo man love for the guy is the same as saying I want to see him assassinated in public because it makes me a horrible human being.  At least according to the internet.  After he announced that he will be most likely leaving Bohemia Interactive at the end of 2014 the internet, like it always does, blew up into a fervor over it.   People started saying he is taking their money and running, scamming people and lord only knows what else.  That is to be expected I guess when you are on the internet dealing with irrational people in the heat of a major announcement.  What was apparently new to the internet was someone saying that they do not care for Dean Hall.

To be clear I didn't even outright say I hated the guy.  I just said I do not like him.  I find him to be little more than a talker at this point and yesterdays announcement that he is leaving Bohemia Interactive fortified that position because as of now he hasn't delivered on the game that he promised.  He has a year to change my mind, but until then he is just a talker.  It took a lot of hard work, but putting out a game and being protected behind the alpha title is not even a fraction as difficult as putting out a game and throwing ones final stamp of approval on it.  Dean Hall has yet to do that.  All he has done is pitch a multitude of ideas that are very slowly making their way into the game in varying degrees of mostly poor quality.
Despite all that though then yesterday happened where he referred to DayZ as a game with a flawed concept.  The game he is working on and has been championing for the better part of a year since working on the standalone version is now a game with a flawed concept in his eyes and we are supposed to believe that his heart is fully in the project?  I can't speak for others, but I have a difficult time believing that.  Especially when he in the same breath says that he has something like 2-3 other ideas for games that he wants to work on.

Clearly the man is full of ideas, but we are to swallow the pill that DayZ is a flawed concept of a game while he then tells us he is working on something else.  That is just supposed to happen and all of his fans are supposed to fall in line again.  I fail to see how that happens.

It is sort of ridiculous to think that I guy can have such self worth (I don't know if that is the word) that he can say something like that about a game he is trying to sell while it is still in development and will continue to be for at least another year; more than likely two years.  It takes a certain level of narcissism to say something like that about a game you created.

I think that ultimately Dean Hall had good intentions, but the attention got to his head to a massive degree that we do not see from other people.  He is a great visionary, but terrible at execution and even worse when it comes to PR as well as damage control.  The reason I say he is a bit of a joke is that he should really just keep his head down and finish one game before he starts talking about his other great and less flawed ideas.  Furthermore he should probably not even mention a console version of the aforementioned flawed game before even the PC version is in an acceptable state--which is currently is not.

Sorry internet, but if you ask me Dean Hall is a bit of a joke.


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